Daily Archives: June 23, 2009

New York Banana Republic

What kind of idiots are the Democrat legislators of New York? They are acting like spoiled little children and refusing to accept that they no longer are the majority party. Time out. Stand in the corner you pathetic morons. Transfer power. Even the Democratic Governor realizes that they are wrong and is forcing them to stay in session, even week ends and holidays, until they start to act at least like adolescents.

Dear Leader asks HuffPo reporter ahead of time to throw him a softball at Press Conference

Reporters “independent’? About as independent as a fat spoiled lap dog.  Reporters adversarial? In your dreams.  Hey, wouldn’t it be a good idea to know in advance what the Press will ask our Dear Leader? Yeah! I’ve got a great idea, let’s call up one of our cronies at the HuffPo and get them to ask us a question about Iraq.   Won’t that make BiG tHuG look smart? Ooops. Forgot to tell the reporter to deny that we coordinated with him beforehand! S#@!

“Independent voters for Obama” were either stupid or gullible

”]Kentucky "Thoroughbred" For Sale by Owner, $300 k? O.B.O.  [Ooops! I forgot the O in front of K! Never mind, people will know I meant $300, not $300k.]Bear with me here. This is not a comment just to insult independents.  And I have recent polling data to back up my argument.  The new poll shows Obama’s overall popularity has fallen from 61% to 56%. Not that big of a slide, and still very good over-all. But–but–his overall approval rating among “independent” voters dropped from 60% to 45%.  That is a huge drop off since April, 2009.  Of course Democrats support  him, and of course Republicans don’t.  That’s why it is so huge that “independents” are deserting him. Continue reading