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Some top moments in my life

I just walked past a park with 8-10 games of coed volleyball games going on, and it made me think of some top moments or days in my life (none x-rated, that is a post for a different blog), in no particular order:

1. Any high school football game that I played in front of thousands; or any hockey game played in front of dozens. Or any baseball game played in front of anybody. Win or lose. Continue reading

Great article about Bernie Kosar

SI84MiamiI was at the game in the Orange Bowl to watch Bernie K and the Hurricanes defeat Nebraska in the last second to win the National Championship that year.  At forty-five his body is broken down, he is going bankrupt, and he still wishes he could play football. Must read for Kosar fans.

Queer punched for calling a guy a faggot

Thank you God

I call this a good start...

I call this a good start...


Karma is a bitch. 



And, as Bubba Clinton once said, “Better put some ice on that.”

Lawyer from hell

Good thing Debra doesn't do Estate Law

Good thing Debra doesn't do Estate Law

I defended a lady who was sued by a female lawyer in Henrico County.  Basically, my client filed a bar complaint against the lady lawyer, I’ll call her Debra.  The bar complaint was thrown out, because Debra hired a fancy lawyer to protect herself. And then Debra sued my client for “defamation” (for calling Debra unfit to practice law and incompetent, and for allegedly lying in the Bar Complaint) “intentional infliction of emotional distress”, “assault” and assorted other issues. This is all background to understand the interesting parts of the trial.

I had another lawyer from Virginia with forty-two years of experience to testify that Debra was indeed incompetent.  He testified: “She was either a conscious, deliberate liar of enormous magnitude, or  she really couldn’t tell the differnce between the truth and lies. Among other things, she would say one thing and five or ten minutes later deny she ever said it.”  Debra had contacted that lawyer a few years before to help her in major litigation, basically because she was in over her head an experienced lawyer to help, and he had worked with her on the case for several months.  Regarding her competency, he testified: “I cannot think of any occasion on which I have found an attorney to be so ill prepared and so ill qualified to conduct a major litigation….She appeared to be an unstable person….Either she is a congenital liar or she is not able to distinguish reality from fiction….” Continue reading

Confessions of a beer snob

Ok, I admit it: I despise most Domestic beer, but I love American micro-brewed beers.  I wasn’t always like this. I grew up on PBR and Miller and Coors and Bud. There was a time that I thought they were great!  I frankly don’t remember my first micro-brewed beer. But it may have been in 1990 when I visited San Francisco.  I do remember that is when I had my first Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  I fell in love.

I didn’t set out to be a beer snob.  We had a local beer and wine shop that sold nearly every variety of micro-brews known to man back when micro-brews were not popular. I went from Wicked Pete’s, Samuel Adams, and Anchor Steam and most of the more mainstream micro brews to the exotics.  I tried Belgium Ale and German and Austrian, Japanese and Australian. Yeah, I even tried some of the beers that add crap other than water, barley, hops and yeast as allowed by good old Reinheitsgebot. I hate additives, too. Limes are for Key Lime Pie and Margueritas, not beer.  And Lite beer? It’s like drinking beer colored water.  Continue reading