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Could it be? Time for random pretty ladies?

Gotta get some of this out there and share.

Who doesn't like bouncing Tits?

Who doesn't like bouncing Tits?

AIDS breath over at Blue Virginia trying to blame holocaust museum murder on right-wingers

Sorry, Dickhead, we rightwingers love Isreal. We respect her right to defend her citizens. We think that the people who took the land of the Iroquois and Chippewa and the Cheyenne have no right to tell Isreal that it must give up the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. We don’t attend racist churches where Rev. Wright condemns da Juice and welcomes the racists who hate da Juice.  Our Presidents don’t compare the holocaust with the treatment of the Palestinians by da Juice. Continue reading

Obama Administration freezing personal bank accounts without a warrant

Listen in on a few phonecalls origination outside the USA by suspected terrorists? GW Bush is a lawless dictator! whined the leftists. But let the Obama Administration freeze the personal bank accounts of US citizens? Without any indictments or charges or even any legal basis for doing so.  Deathly silence from the Obama Kool Aid Brigade.  

Can't tax 'em enough? Seize their bank accounts then!

Can't tax 'em enough? Seize their bank accounts then!

Hundreds of thousands of people, maybe millions, play poker on-line for money.  I used to be one of them.  I simply had my bank wire a deposit to my account on “Party Poker.”  Enter a tournament for $20.00, your account decreases by that amount. Win $100.00 in that tournament, $100 is added to your account, etc.  Only one state, Washington, has a law making such activity illegal.  All of the gambling sites are outside of the U.S.  Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh on comparisons between God and Obama

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Barack is the cure

Wealth created by capitalism is the disease. From RedState:

–Is that fat wallet hurting when you sit on it?

–Is your 401k getting a little too big to manage?

–Are you finally moving up into that higher tax bracket?


More “humor” from David Letterman

"I'm gonna knock your white ass out if don't quit showing me up, biotch!"

"I'm gonna knock your white ass out if don't quit showing me up, biotch!"

“Obama can have anything in the world for dinner, so why does he always order chitlins, watermelon and fried chicken?” BWAAAHAAAHAAAA! Sounds of deafening applause.

“Sasha and Malia are pretty smart. For being 3/4 black.” The crowd goes crazy with laughter.  BWAAAHAAAHAAAAAA!

“What compliment from Nancy Pelosi didn’t sit too well with the new President? When she patted him on the head and exlaimed: “You sure are nappy-headed for having a white trailer trash for a mother.”  BWAAAHAAAAHAAAAA!  The crowd thinks he is hillarious! He’s on a roll.

“Why did it take so long for the Obamas to leave Rev. Wright’s church? Michelle couldn’t decide whether to stay in her affair with the Rev. Wright or go back with the husband who isn’t her “Babys’ Daddy.”  OOOooohh! That David Letterman is such hoot. Where does he get his material? 

When later criticized for his remarks, he responded: “We were, as we often do, making jokes about people in the news,” Letterman said. “Am I guilty of poor taste? Yes.  Am I a racist for perpetuating stereotypes? No.”