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New Hampshire becomes sixth state to allow pedophiles to marry

06 09 08_1445  311111Today we’re standing up for the liberties of dirty old men to marry pre-pubescent boys by making clear they will receive the same rights, responsibilities, and respect under New Hampshire law,” Governor John Lynch said before signing the legislation in a State House ceremony at about 5:21 p.m.  “Heck,” he added, “once you accept one type of pervert, it really becomes rather difficult to draw the line and forbid other forms of perversion. One minute ago we accepted SSM. If two two butt-porkers is fine, why not a butt-porker and a mini-me butt-porker? I mean, really, you try sorting out the ‘acceptable’ pervs from the unacceptable! And I know, we are only the sixth state to allow such perversion. But we were waiting to see what the ‘cool kids’ would do before we allowed this particular form of perversion.  Maybe we will be first in some other category? Like goat fuckers marrying the object of their desire?”

My Top Ten list of liberals whom I would bite if I got rabies

Be dumber, and you too could make this list

Be dumber, and you too could make this list

In the spirit of the recent Playboy list, sort of.  In no paraticular drunken order:

1. Keith Olbermann: I’d hate him if he were my own mother.

2. Algore: a fat hypocrite endlessly repeating lies is no way to go through life, son.

3. Whoopi Goldberg: there is a reason why she’s a dyke–no real man would have a thing to do with her.

4. Community Organizer Obama: a skinny-necked affirmative action project of George Soros.

5.  Chucky Schumer: looks like he has a perpetual case of constipation.

6.  Barney Frank: there is a reason why smartass faggots get beat up.

7. Patrick Leahy: The evil spawn of my high school principal (“Mr. Stacey”) and the world’s worst librarian.

8. Henry Waxman: he’s so dumb and ugly that his dog bites him.

9. Michael Moore: Only in liberalism could a fat dumb faggot become rich and famous.

10. Bill Maher: his face makes me think of “Louisville Slugger” every time.

To those liberals who did not make the list, all I can say is: So many stupid fucking liberals, so little time.

Keith Olbmermann wants to waterboard Sean Hannity

Death to Amelika! But don't taze me bro!

Death to Amelika! But don't taze me bro!

I’d like to perform a late term abortion on Keith Olbermann:





“Suction hose?”


“OK, let’s get this over with.”

“Uh, sir, shouldn’t we anesthetize him first?”

“Nah. They don’t anesthetize babies during partial birth abortions.”

[Sound of scissors stabbing into his skull.  Pause.  Gasp.]  “Ewwww. This is strange. He. Has. No. Brain!”

 p.s. And did you ever notice the “Torture!? We don’t torture in America Crowd” never uses that “reasoning” when discussing abortion? “Abortion? We don’t abort babies in America!” I’m just sayin.

For my son, if he ever reads my blog: I have failed as a father

2566_74993152585_507567585_2330894_8083964_nI owned a motorcycle when I was 20.  I bought my first mini bike when I was 10 with money earned on a paper route. I graduated to a little 50cc honda. When I was 19 or 20 I graduated to a semi-chopped 500cc Honda.  In the short span of 3 months thereafter I was almost killed 3 times. Once, a dumb woman pulled out in front of me. I had my headlight on, it was broad daylight, it was a 35 mph zone, and she just pulled right out in front of me. Another time, I was going 45 in a 45 zone around a curve to my right on pavement. There happened to be some gravel in the road, I started to lose traction, and had to drift to the left or lose control.  I drifted into the oncoming lane, and right into the path of an oncoming car. I had to leave that lane and drift into the shoulder and off into the whatever. Fortunately, there was no ditch or tree or other object, or I would be dead.  I can’t remember the third incident at this moment, but believe me it was real.  Continue reading

31 year old political hack with no experience in charge of dismantling G.M.

Shit! Change you can believe in.

Shit! Change you can believe in.

And the New York Times makes Brian Deese seem like he is the Second Coming of Lee Ioccoca. Instead of JFK’s “the best and the brightest,” Obama opts for “the most zealous political hacks.” His prime qualification for getting the job? He dropped out of Yale Law School to campaign for Hitlery, and then switched sides to campaign for Obama. Now that is dedication. Imagine if Obama had campaigned on this issue: “As your next President, I will pour millions billions down that rathole we affectionately call General Motors. I’ll force their General Manager to resign and pick a crony to replace him. Then I’ll force the G.M. shareholders and bondholders to get screwed while I give their shares to the union, the same crowd who helped to run the company into the ground in the first place. Then I’ll even place a political hack who is still wet behind the ears, who has absolutely zero experience in any business, let alone the car industry, in charge of dismantling the company! Hope and Change you can believe in, baby!”

National Rifle Association v. Chicago: Constitutional Right to Keep and to Bear Arms pissed upon. By “conservative” judges.

systemfailureWith utterly idiotic reasoning, a panel of conservative judges ruled that the Right to Keep and to Bear Arms as mentioned in the 2d Amendment does not apply when it is the states or municipalities seeking to infringe upon that right.  See Ann Althouse’s “Federalism is an older and more deeply rooted tradition than the right to carry any particular kind of weapon.”   

Maybe you have the rights, and the States can’t infringe upon them, or maybe you don’t. It depends.  The “right to an abortion, that is cleverly hidden from view within the Constitution? Oh, no, the U.S. Constitution forbids states from interfering with that precious right. The “right to homosexual behavior in private”? Oh, we just “discovered” that right that lay hidden in the Constitution all these over two hundred years! States can’t infringe upon that precious right to sodomy!  But the Right to Keep and to Bear Arms, that is explicitly set forth in the Second Amendment? No, go ahead States and cities, trample all over those rights! You. Fucking. Morons.

Pssst! Wanna stifle dissent? Do it the liberal way–anybody who disagrees with your position is responsible for inciting kooks to violence

Oppose abortion? It’s your fault when some abortionist gets murdered!  Oppose homosexual behavior? It’s your fault when some faggot gets beat up! Hey, this is fun! And it works. Wimpy conservatives will run and hide! They’ll fall all over themselves telling the world how sorry they are when some man who became a millionaire killing late term babies in the womb gets murdered. Nevertheless, liberals attack them anyway. Continue reading

Is Keith Olbermann “responsible” for the murder of the GI recruiter?

Using Liberal Moron “logic” he is just as culpable as he claims Bill O’Reilly is for the Doctor of Death’s death. John Gibson dares to ask the question, as reported on “Olbermann Watch.”

Will bend over for Obama

Will bend over for Obama