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So many opponents of abortion are acting like cowards today

Oh, we have to express our sympathy! We have to condemn the murderer.  We have to hide our heads in shame. Otherwise, liberals might attack us. People might think we are extremists. Nobody will read our blog. We might not win the next election. First: Oh boofuckinghoo.  Second: Bullshit. 

Nobody that I know or read has tried to justify Dr. Tiller’s death. But I’m not going to apologize, because I had nothing to do with it.  Am I sorry that piece of  human excrement died? No more so than I am about anybody else who dies or is murdered that I don’t know and don’t particularly care about.  A recruiter was shot and killed in Little Rock today. I don’t see liberals feeling the need to run out and condemn that killing, nor do I see them rushing to head off a fire storm by condemning it is advance. I don’t even see conservatives rushing off to condemn the killing. Quit posturing you pussies.  Quit assuming the BOHICA position.  I could care less what liberals say. They will attack us for any reason, real or imagined. Grow a pair of balls all you conservatives. Fight back.  Michelle Malkin, quit bending over. Sarah Palin, quit groveling. The Other McCain, stand up like a man.

Howling Moron, er Latina: GOOD. I want people like you to be afraid.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be afraid that some “homegrown terrorists”

Who, us? We dint kill no babies. We just supported others who did...

Who, us? We dint kill no babies. We just supported others who did...

are behind every tree. Be afraid to face judgment from God when you pass. You reap what you sow.  You godless heathen who support killing babies, and who then blame it on those who oppose such abominable behavior when somebody gets killed.  You have blood on your hands.

Why the pro-abortion crowd is responsible for Dr. George Tiller’s death

Notice how extreme elements of the pro-abortion crowd scream loudest when some Doctor of Death gets offed? Could it be guilt? The stuck pig squeals loudest? But they insist on no reasonable regulations on abortion. Can we at least be informed when our minor daughters are seeking an abortion? No. Can we show prospective mothers an ultra-sound of their baby? Nope. Can we stop abortion as a means of choice of the sex of the baby? Ugh ugh.  Can we at least protest and waive photos of aborted children so the mother can see what she is about to do? NO NO NO!  Can we stop late term abortions? No way.  Can we at least stop partial-birth abortions, where the babies brains are sucked out? Not a chance. So the pro-abortion crowd refused to allow reasonable regulations.

Abortion was not voted on in a republican form of democracy. It was shoved down the throats of the entire nation by a majority of the Supreme Court. Unelected former lawyers all. Who, thanks to life-time tenure and zero accountability were able to cram down our throats what a majority did not want. Eventually, a majority came to favor the Court’s decisions, true. But even then, a majority of We, The People, favored reasonable restrictions on abortion. And the extreme pro-abortion crowd, such as President Obama and Planned Parenthood, fought such restrictions every step of the way, which in effect sanctioned some of the more abhorrent abortion procedures and policies.

Late term abortions are an abomination.  No reasonable person can be in favor of them. Sure, some might hold their noses and vote to allow them under cirtain extreme conditions. Or might have such an abortion themselves.  But not a reasonable person who was not under duress. The extreme elements of the pro-abortion crowd supplied that duress.  Thus, the pro-abortion crowd short-circuited the normal democratic process.

And then they kept up the pressure by forcing politicians to support pro-abortion judges. They forced a “litmus test” of all Justices that they favor Roe v. Wade.  Even after they had a majority in favor of the right to abortion. The repeal of Roe v. Wade would not outlaw abortion. It would only throw the decision back onto the politicians, where it belongs.

The abortion on demand crowd also howled and demanded that abortion protesters not even be allowed to picket near abortion clinics. Some of our most draconian laws against free speech are directed against protesters at abortion clinics. The pro-abortion leaders, such as Teddy “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy, slander anti-abortion groups: “When we have a national organization like Operation Rescue that has as a matter of national policy firebombing and even murder, that’s unacceptable.” [Then a cowardly court threw out a slander suit against Kennedy, ruling that the slanderous “remarks about Operation Rescue were made, at least in part, to inform the public of the reasons for his position on a legislative matter.”]  Continue reading

The Typical Pro-Life response to Dr. George Tiller’s Death

I’m shocked. I’m more shocked than you are! NOOOOO! I’m more shocked and outraged!
I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked!

I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked!

I’m shocked,  horrified and outraged! I’m more shocked! No, me! I know: Let’s see who can bend over the farthest and act like we actually give a shit about this piece of human excrement whose goal in life was to abort late-term babies! That way, the other side won’t blame us for his death. That way, the pro-baby killers won’t use this as an excuse to persuade those limp-wristed “moderates” to become “Pro-choice” out of disgust and anger.
Yeah, yeah, I know that most Pro-Lifers are genuinely decent folk who despise murder of any kind. But it also looks like there are some out there who are just posturing. I never heard of this joker in my life before yesterday, so for me to act as though I give a shit that he is dead now would be just that, an act. I figure that the damage is already done. The Left is going to blame conservatives for his death anyway, so why wait? I’ve already gone on the counter-attack. Sic semper abortionists.
First Update: 6/1/09 8:49 am. Seeeee! The unhinged looney left already is blaming this on “fundies”–this is no “aberration” and anybody who says otherwise is “lying” per the obviously mentally unstable “Howling Latina.” And some young punk who doesn’t even know what life is all about thinks  he has it all figured out.  He claims the Pro-life group “must account for contributing to a climate where someone is driven to violence.” What claptrap. The looney Left in full throat. Fcuking morons.

President Obama is “Shocked and Outraged” by murder of Dr. George Tiller

Who will kill me now? Mommy says I gott go!

Who will kill me now? Mommy says I gott go!

Proclaims today a National Day of Mourning.  Calls on The Vatican to proclaim him St. George, the Patron Saint of all abortionists. Vows that tomorrow he will get those S.O.B.s who are really responsible for this despicable crime. He has a list. He’s checking it twice. “Never let a crisis go to waste!” In no particular Order: 1) Rush Limbaugh 2) Hannity 3) Mark Levin 4) Operation Rescue 5) The Pope 6) Coulter and Ingraham, blah blah blah. He’s sending his jack-booted thugs for all of you. Baby killers gotta stick together. 

Oh, wait. We must act shocked and outraged over this. But I axe you: What would the Left do? Hmmm. Let’s see… Continue reading