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If you could do it over again, what would you do?

First, I wouldn’t change a thing if it meant marrying a different woman, or not having my two children or my “adopted daughter.”  But other than that, what would I do over?

1. I would never move away from “home.” I had a gazillion relatives. Cousins, Aunts,  Uncles, in-laws. All whom I loved and whom I miss. Kids, don’t move away from home. My kids were raised in a home where their nearest relative lived 12 hours away. IF  I had a “do-over” I would live near home.

2.  I’d find some line of work that I LOVE to do, instead of settling for something that pays the bills. I always say that there lawyering beats working for a living. But I really hate it.  If I had it all to do over again, I’d find something that I really enjoyed doing, no matter what the salary. The man who does what he loves for a living never has to work a day in his life. Continue reading

More Letterman jokes that you will never hear

"I'm gonna fuck you up!"

"I'm gonna fuck you up!"

“Michelle Obama has that Tyson-whore look going on: She looks like a cross between an angry Mike Tyson and a crack-whore who got stiffed by  her John.”   

"I'm gonna knock you out!"

"I'm gonna knock you out!"

“Malia Obama is confused since she stopped attending the Rev. Wright’s church. She keeps axing the same question over and over again: ‘Are whiteys all the Devil or aren’t they?'”
“Natasha Obama axed her mother recently: ‘When am I gonna get to smoke crack like Daddy did?'”
“President Obama really is a minority. He is one of the few black men in America who is still married and supporting his family.”
[This is dedicated to all you hypocritical liberals out there who are silent on the issue of Letterman joking about Palin’s 14 year old daughter being knocked up by ARod, and about her  having the slutty stewardess look going on.  We all know how you would have reacted if he had said those remarks about Michelle Obama and her daughters. See, e.g., Don Imus. So, now that your real standards have been exposed, get used to it.]

Government Health Insurance: What many may not know about Medicaid and Medicare

As a lawyer who has had hundreds of clients insured by these two programs, I have seen up close how these programs work. Medicaid insures the poor and Medicare insures the elderly. For brevity I’ll refer to both programs as Medicare.  For those of you who favor  single-payer insurance paid by the Government, here are a few facts that you may not know:

   The Government unilaterally decides what it will pay for medical goods or services received by a Medicare recipient. The Government pays rates that are severely below market-rates.  For example, Medicare might pay for an $7.50 for an x-ray that might cost $50 for a paying customer (numbers are made up but in my experience both programs often pay a guestimate of less than 20% of the normal rate for medical goods or services; this is an educated guess, not trying to get bogged down in details here). 

     The fact that the Government pays less than market rates sounds good in theory, but in fact leads to higher costs for the rest of us and poorer service–or no service–for medicare recipients. Continue reading