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Random DUMB things that I’ve done in my life

And hope that my son will never do:

1. Skinny-dipped in Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Superior in the same week-long trip.

2. Drove drunk through customs into Canada late at night as an eighteen year old (no problem, eh?), and then drove back through customs sober during the day whilst trying to hide some duty-free liquor (big problem). Continue reading

Democrat Underground rushes to blame freerepublic for Holocaust Museum shooting

Are the Jew-haters at Democratunderground feeling a little guilty? It took them mere minutes to try to blame a senseless murder on the right wingers.  Trying to shift blame from themselves? We all know that liberals and “progressives” lead by Obama are leading the charge to blame all the problems in the middle east on Israel and da juice.

BREAKING NEWS: Sasha Obama pregnant with Rev. Wright’s love child?

Meanwhile, Malia was shown how to deal drugs on the street by her “hip” real daddy. Hint, her real daddy isn’t Barack Obama!  Continue reading

Obama Administration now reading captured terrorists their “Miranda Rights”?!!

Thank you all you DUMBASS Obama voters!!!

Thank you all you DUMBASS Obama voters!!!

OMG.  What. Ignorant. Fucks. Imagine, FDR having the GIs read to captured NAZI soldiers their “Miranda Rights.” (I know, the Miranda debacle decision did not take place until years later, but work with me here.) Or imagine Truman having the GIs read to every little buck-toothed ChiCom captured during the Korean excursion their “right to remain silent.”  “When you elect an idiot as President, you must expect the idiot to implement idiotic policies.” John Doe, 6/10/09.

Giving U.S. Constitutional rights to captured enemy combatants–What could go wrong? Read about it at The Weekly Standard.

Carrie Prejean fired after all

Fuck you Donald Trump

Fuck you Donald Trump

Their excuse? She didn’t fulfill her “contractual obligations.”  GOOD FOR HER. You bastards let some AIDS infested faggot steal the title of Miss USA from her, and then expect her to sit back and be a good little girl? You liberals all over America pissed all over her merely for saying the exact same thing about same sex butt buddies wanting to get “married” as was said by President Obama and V.P. Biden. She’s got more class in her little finger than all you “progressives” combined. Continue reading

I apologize to all my male readers


Dr. Obama’s snake oil

Obama’s stimulus package now available. In a bottle.

Coming soon. Buy one, get a second for 10x more!

Coming soon. Buy one, get a second for 10x more!