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And for my liberal readers

Show your pride in der Fuerher!

Show your pride in der Fuerher!

Another fine idea for a father’s day present

Who wouldn’t want one of these beautiful babies?

All Republicans should oppose the Sotomayor Supreme Court Nomination

Based solely upon two reasons. 1) Barack Obama opposed both

no more "Mr. Nice Kitty"

no more "Mr. Nice Kitty"

Roberts and Alito solely upon their judicial philosophy being more conservative than he preferred.  2) Judge Sotomayor was (until a couple of days ago) a member of a group that discriminated against men. 

Use President Obama’s own standard against him.  You should not need a better reason than that. Ok, I’ll accept that you believe that Sotomayor might not be the worst possible nominee, and if successfully opposed, he might nominate somebody worse. But even that is a puny reason, because they have the votes even if all Republicans oppose her. So oppose her! What have you got to lose.

And being a member of a group that discriminates on the basis of sex is prohibited by the Judicial Code of Conduct:  “A judge should not hold membership in any organization that practices invidious discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, or national origin.”  This is not just some minor deal. How would you like to be a man whose case was being heard by a woman who was a member of a group that discriminated against men? [No snarky replies that all women discriminate against men.]  EVEN a whackjob from democraticunderground finds her position squirrley. Continue reading

IF any of you stupid asses EVER believed that liberals were principled in their condemnation of Fox News for being biased

Rest your pretty little heads. The absolute and utter silence of the

Aobama Broadcasting Company

Aobama Broadcasting Company

whacky left towards the ABC News “infomercial” exposes the truth: Liberals do not give a shit about news being unbiased, they only care about it being biased against them. 

ABC News has taken a dump all over fairness and unbiased reporting. They will be broadcasting live from the White House, giving Obama’s healthcare plan free publicity. And they refuse to allow the Republicans to pay for commercial air time to get their own point accross.  If this does not make your skin crawl then you are no longer an American. You do not believe in “Freedom” of the Press, you believe in State sponsored press. You believe that Pravda is better than “Independent News.”     

Perhaps I am being naive. Perhaps there has never been such a thing as an independent press or independent news.  I know that such things are talked about, but as long as I can remember they have been more like the elusive unicorn, or perhaps like the passenger pidgeon. Perhaps all that is happening is that ABC has taken down the facade. Or is coming out of the closet. No more pretending to be unbiased. No more hiding their true selves.  They are in the tank for Obama, their nose is so far up his ass he won’t need a colonoscopy until after his term expires. So don’t give me this shit about “Faux News” is biased. Fox News is composed of a bunch of pikers compared to ApravBdaC “News.”

Father’s day suggestions

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Dumbass of the week award

Chesterfield, VA, 6/19/009: A robber was interrupted and fled into the woods. He escaped police, but was arrested when he arrived at the the police station to reclaim his car that had been towed from the scene of the crime.