U.S. Congress persons and U.S. Senators should commit Hara-Kiri

REAL AMERICAN HEROES. Here’s to you Mr. Fat Ass Senator who 2007-9-national_debtnever had a real job in your life! Here’s to you, for earning as much or more as “Big Oil” by taxing gasoline and diesel, and then making “Big Oil” look like the thieves! Here’s to you, Ms. Ugly Ass RINO from a Northeastern State, here’s to you for voting for every deficit spending bill you could lay your grubby little hands on! REEEEEAAAAL AMERICAN HEEEEEROES!!

going-out-of-businessIf  you heroes were running any business as you have run the U.S. Government you would have been run out of business  long ago (and likely shot).   Real men of genius! So here’s to you, U.S. Senator guy you! You have the cushiest job, you can increase your salary merely by voting, you have tax payer provided retirement and health care, and you criticize the people whom you work for if they make more money than your smallest pork barrell project! 

harakiri-posterSenator Grassley is correct, when he says some should do the honorable thing and kill themselves, but he is targeting the wrong people.  It’s himself and his idiotic cronies on both sides of the isle in the House, Senate and W.H. who should off themselves.  So, here’s to you, you pathetic pieces of shits, you Congressmen, Senators and Presidents! Don’t just “not run for re-election”! Oh, no! You deserve worse, just go die. Now!

3 responses to “U.S. Congress persons and U.S. Senators should commit Hara-Kiri

  1. Dude, read that again…”some should do the honorable thing”…that’s THE PROBLEM ! No one from President Obama down along the Liberal latter gives a damn if there is something that should be done right…they just do it…

  2. In an alternative universe we would storm the halls of Capital Hill with pitch forks and lop off all of their heads. But here, each voter says “all the OTHER Senators and Congressional leaders are corrupt, but mine is not. Besides–he or she brings home the bacon!”

  3. Or the donations FROM AIG to Obama and Dodd…but they are not criminals, after all…Wright?

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