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Farah Fawcett in the news

Photogs taken of her in a wheel chair after cancer treatment! NO, damn it, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE PICTS OF HER SICK! I want to remember her just. Like. This. Leave an old geaser his fond boyhood memories, will ya? Warning–back in my day, this was considered “racy.” Continue reading

SMASHMOUTH POLITICS gets cited by author on HuffingtonPost

And not in a derogatory manner. Hell. Just. Froze. Over.

UPDATE: Let the record reflect that the author on Huffington Post had more integrity in his little pinkie than RockDem has in their entire roster of bloggers. I told RockDem a long ago that the quote passed on in their blog was bogus, and instead of doing the honorable thing and amending their comment, they left their comment of it as is.  Shame on RockDem.


LIBERALSLIEANDARENASTY–at last, an explanation WHY

simpsons-the-doh-49005791I’ve known (and you’ve known, if you haven’t had your head up your  ass) for years that liberalslieandarenasty (registered Trade Mark of mine), I just didn’t know why, exactly.  FINALLY,  John Hawkins explains why to my satisfaction *.  For you too lazy to clink on the link, in essence they lie about conservatives for two reasons: America is a center right country and they have to lie about their liberal beliefs to get elected. And, whereas conservatives believe that liberals are just wrong, liberals believe conservatives are evil, and so lying about people who are evil is to prevent them from doing evil is a good thing in their eyes. It makes perfect sense to me.  DOH! Why didn’t I think of that?

* However, I don’t discount the fact that many liberals are just plain evil and that is why they lie and are nasty.  [OK, for my buddy Lowell and my cousins the Weigharts, and my dearly departed Grandma, etc. I KNOW, I know, some of you liberals are good hearted, just naive.]

Mommy, why did PETA kill Rover?

293_mendes_peta_ad_1206077 adopted out, 2,124 killed. Rover didn’t get lucky honey. Liberals are f-ing hypocrites–no story here. Move along, right Al “I turned my lights off for ‘Earth Hour’ wink wink” Gore? Well, I still love those PETA adds.   

Same source as first link: “According to public records from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, PETA killed 2,124 pets last year and placed only seven in adoptive homes. Since 1998, a total of 21,339 dogs and cats have died at the hands of PETA workers.”


“Despite having a $32 million budget, PETA does not operate an adoption shelter. PETA employees make no discernible effort to find homes for the thousands of pets they kill every year. Last year, the Center for Consumer Freedom petitioned Virginia’s State Veterinarian to reclassify PETA as a slaughterhouse.”

Ruh Roh! Pro abortion pigs infuriated at Little Timmy

Va. Gov. Timmy Kaine’s capital offense? His failure  to stifle free il_choose_life_imagespeech! Of all the nerve, actually allowing people to pay extra for a license plate that says “Choose Life” on it.  Save the Bay? Great. Breast Cancer awareness? Super. Just about any damn thing you want? OK by the abortion Nazis–except “Choose Life.”  Abortion Nazis to Timmy: “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK THIS IS, choose20life20florida20plates-718837GOVERNOR KAINE? A FREE FUCKING COUNTRY??? HELL NO, YOU MORON!!! We can’t allow the peons to freely express themselves, you idiot!  The Democrat party bows down to us Abortion Nazis! You are a Democrat! SUBMIT, BITCH!!”

Update: Great minds think  



Lions should draft a quarterback who looks this good

A little “Rule 5” action, since I’m no good on the first 4. Continue reading

De-Baptism Certificates are a good thing

make_it_official_click_here_to_get_your_very_own_certificate_of_debaptismI like to know who the godless heathen are. And I sure as shit don’t want godless heathen masquerading as Christians just to get elected, as our very own Rookie President did. 

More than 100,000 Britons have recently downloaded “certificates of de-baptism” from the Internet to renounce their Christian faith.”  

Hell, I’d like to start going “church” to “church” with a shitload of them myself: Episcopalian “church”? Check. Obama’s ex-“church”? Check. Unitarian “church”? Check. (Although I have no idea whether Unitarians even believe in baptism, or anything for that matter.) Catholic church. Check.  Presbyterian, Lutheran and Baptist churches, check check CHECK!  I’m not saying that there are no real Christians in any church. THAT determination is up to God alone. But I am saying that there are a shitload of phony “Christians” in almost every church. And they–along with “back-sliders” like me–give Christianity a bad name.  So the more that we can encourage fake bastards to admit that they ain’t really Christians, the better off this world will be. I’m just sayin. So here, shitheads, get your debaptism certificate and knock yourself out!

UPDATE: Will somebody nearer to Blacksburg deliver a debaptism certificate to this fag preacher mentioned in “From on High“? There is a special place in hell for those who not only glory in their sin, but who teach others that their sin is not really sin.  After you sign your certificate, dude, just go die.

Obama will plummet in upcoming polls.

stoned1He has offended his base, and many probably didn’t even notice. That lovable little furball Kathleen Parker has the scoop.  (I’m assuming the potheads out there actually answer the phone and are coherent enough to respond to Presidential popularity tracking polls–two very huge assumptions, I know.  If they do and they can, then his poll numbers should drop dramatically in the days ahead.)