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Leaked to the press! Brain scan of Sen. Ted Kennedy, D, Massachusetts

Warning: images below the fold are disturbing.

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The beer goggles are wearing off

Most recent Rassmussen Poll: Overall, 56% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance so far while 43% disapprove. “But Barry looked soooooo good before the election…” Continue reading

More Teddy Kennedy Memorials coming (none too soon)

Libs are “shocked” and “outraged” at Rush Limbaugh mentioning that the new universal  health care legislation will likely be named in memorial for Teddy Kennedy.  I’m shocked and outraged that Teddy isn’t being honored for other “special” things that he’s done in his life. So, I’ve decided to honor him with other “Memorial” tributes.  Like the Teddy Kennedy (left Mary Jo to die) Memorial Bridge


The Teddy Kennedy FAT BASTARD DOLL!








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I took a test and it said I am 90% liberal

Created by LPUK

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