Hospital accused of harvesting organs before youth declared dead

Parents of injured 18 year old claim that the hospital harvested their son’s organs before he was declared legally dead.

“The Jabobs’ [the parents] attorney, Dennis Boyle added, “Our experts are telling us that, had his organs not been taken, he may very well have survived and recovered from this accident.”
The only two points I would add are that I know a gal whom I would trust with my life (known her since she was 11–she’s now 27) who has 9 years experience as an EMT and also as an E.R. nurse who swears that hospitals and EMTs don’t try as hard to “save” organ donors. And it sounds like common sense to me.   “Hmmmm. We think this patient will die anyway, so let’s get his organs before they are ruined in order to save somebody else.”
That said, I’m proud to have “organ donor” listed on my driver’s license. Anybody who could use my liver must be desperate. And all the liberals will verify I’m heartless…

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