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Fag fag fag fag fag

Here, let me make this easier…“These are terms people used to find your blog.”


Search Views
fag 10


Search Views
fag 16

(And another day)Yesterday

Search Views
fag 13

I have been saving this for a slow day, but today’s top two searches pushed me over the top.


Search Views
fag 5 More stats
“lowell fulk” 2

Granted that is not many searches but virtually every day the top search has been “fag” for the past several days. Either you fags out there are having a hard time hooking up, or Lowell can’t remember the name of my blog so he has to google “fag” each time he wants to check out the loyal opposition. Either way, very strange… and it leaves me wondering why…

[j/k Lowell, about that crack about Lowell!]

The Smash Mouth Drinking game

Heck, a guy can never have enough excuses to take a drink…


1-Drink Events:

  • Any time some liberal is “OUTRAGED!” by something that a conservative said or did
  • Any time some Obamaniac makes excuses for the latest Obamateurism
  • Any time I get called a homophobe
  • Any time I see the phrase “The N-word” (use our inside voices children!)
  • Any time the clock says beer-thirty (varies from day to day, but I know it when I see it) Continue reading

Photos from Number One Son’s camping trip

Up Mt. Pleasant, Virginia in the snow.  Wish I was not too old and soft to have gone with him. But I like my warm bed…


Those are other mountains poking up through the clouds.





Lost alone in the wilderness. At night. With only Lo Scriano for protection. And a .380?



Photos by Lo Scriviano. Except for the one at left.

EXCLUSIVE: Meghan McCain joins Smashmouth as Guest Commentator

img-author-photo-meghan-mccain-_201210377527 Continue reading

Barack Obama nicknames: THE OFFICIAL REPOSITORY

Continue reading

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-MN, American Hero

puny-dicked types such as Keith Olberman, Jonathan Alder and 25_geithnerputrid-breath over at Richmond Democrat have their little pink frilly panties in a bunch over her calls for an “orderly revolution.” Oooooh! they whine, but ‘we won!’  That means we can do whatever we want, tax you little turds to death, buy votes with tax payers’ money, institute a one world government, and you can’t do a damn thing about it!” Continue reading