Daily Archives: March 15, 2009

SUDDENLY the little girly men at Blue Commonwealth are concerned with politicians acting moderate

I’m certaaaaaaaain you were equally concerned when dumbassradical B. Hussein Obama was lying about being a moderate during the recent presidential campaign. Sure you were.  Suddenly you get your (frilly pink) panties twisted in knots when Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell supposedly tries to emulate the Messiah and the reporters refrain from asking the questions that you would have preferred them to ask.  WHY are are liberals so dishonest? Just say what you really mean, you ignorant piece of human excrement: You don’t like it when McDonnell steals a play out the big-eared Messiah’s playbook. You feel entitled to have your candidates wink at their base and then pretend during elections to be moderates. That is right of “101 Things Liberals to win elections.” I’m on to you, punk, so don’t even try peddling your liberal bull shit in Virginia.

I’m with you Patricia Phillips–“Put up or stand down”

Republicans, QUIT EATING YOUR OWN YOU black_widow_01IGNORANT FXCKS. If you want to remove Jeff Frederick as Chairman of the RPV, do it behind closed doors. Liberals are doing a good enough job of attacking us without Republicans helping them out.

Be patient, O Ignorant Republicans: Obama is going to keep screwing up–he is screwing up at record levels already–just give him time. Democrats are “not wasting a good crisis” by over-reaching with radical positions that will not be tolerated by a majority for long.  And specifically in Virginia, the Dems are about to  have their first contested gubernatorial primary since the ice-age. The RPV just needs to quit in-fighting and sit back and watch as the Dems begin tearing themselves up over a carpet-bagging loud mouthed little prick. (h/t Tim Boyer)

Political spectrum analysis. Or who hates whom?

Those who are both “social conservative and fiscal conservatives” despise RINOs, “moderates” and liberals. Well, to be fair, so-con fi-cons  despise everybody who isn’t a so-con fi-con.  Well, to be perfectly fair, they despise even other so-con fi-cons who don’t believe exactly as they do.

RINOs despise so-cons and want us all to adopt the policies of the squishy moderates and independents–who couldn’t decide which perfume to buy their wife for an anniversary present, let alone decide that Obama is a flaming radical socialist. Well, to be fair, RINOs sometimes just put on a show about hating so-cons in order to get their article published in NEWSWEEK or to get that interview on the Keith Olbermann show.

Meanwhile, those who are both social liberal and fiscal liberals despise everybody who isn’t just like them. They hate so-cons with a passion, and just see moderates and RINOs for what they are: despicable useful idiots, to be used as tools and discarded whenever they are no longer useful. So-lib fi-libs just lie and  deny how they really feel about others.  Many of their followers are really just stupid idiots and it wouldn’t do to let the masses see how their leaders really feel.

(And, if Francois Tremblay’s recent comments here are indicative of the norm, libertarian anarchists feel that the rest of us are just too damn stupid to engage in dialogue.)

Interesting article which declares Osama bin Laden is dead

and has been since 2001.  Professor claims that bin Laden 11111and al Qaeda never were the forces behind the twin embassy bombings and 9/11, but were rather set up to be a boogey man to disguise that the terror in the world (including the war in Afghanistan now) is a proxy war with Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, etc.  My view on this article is the same as my view on “Who Killed JFK”–I keep an open mind and listen to all the evidence. This guy may be all wet but much of what he says “rings true.” I highly reccomend his two page article.