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Today’s liberal talking points: Act concerned that the Pubs are listening to Rush Limbaugh

AS IF they care what happens to the Pubs. If they really thought the Pubs were in danger of walking off the cliff by following Rush’s advice they would just STFU and let the Pubs keep marching. They fear Rush. He fights. He doesn’t back down and kowtow to the self-appointed arbiters of what is right and what is correct. He is the most well-known Republican to stand up and fight Obama. The politicians are running around as though they are afraid of Obama.  Acting like the little followers that they are. Destroy the leader, the followers will scatter. That’s their plan. Stand up O Gutless Republican Politicians.

Only dumbasses believe the Republican party needs to “move more to the middle on issues like the environment and gay rights”

The Republican party position on “gay rights” is the correct one.  No gay marriage. Period. Every place where the Gay Marriage issue has been voted on–even in ultra-liberal California–the majority have rejected “gay marriage.” So why should the Republican Party “move to the middle?”

And on the issue of “the environment” the Republican Party is also correct. Fight against the Kool Aid drinkers who believe that we need to spend trillions of dollars to destroy our economy just to cut down on “man made climate change” that does not even exist. If the Republicans won’t fight against those Kool Aid drinkers, then they don’t deserve to be the party in the majority.

“There is no question the Republican Party has to return to be one of inclusion, not exclusion,” Cantor said when I asked him if he was willing to move the party to the middle on issues like the environment and gay rights.” [Per Little Stephanopulis’ blog.]  Listen Cantor, you dumbass. Quit sucking up trying to be a  little weasil. We elected you to fight, not to become just like the Democrats. Stand up to Stephanopolis, be a man, fight back. It is a false premise that Pubs need to be more “middle of the road.” You don’t see liberals whiiiiiining that the Dems need to be more “middle of the road.”   

This song is dedicated to our new President and all his adoring fans

obama_worshipObama you make me…PUKE IN MY MOUTH!

Obama goose stepping mindless followers, you make me puke in my mouth!

Olby, Matthews, Ragin’ Cajin and Stephy, you make me PUKE IN MY MOUTH!

Barney, Harry and Nan, you make me PUKE IN MY MOUTH!