Daily Archives: March 1, 2009

I want the new President to succeed!!!!!!!!!!!!

heil-obamaOur country is in a depression. This new guy is a great speaker. He inspires people. He has devoted followers who get things done. His supporters are not timid. Anybody who doesn’t support him is acting out of “hatred, or at least a criminal disregard, of the American people.” Send them to “Re-Education Camps”!  It’s time for a change! Our New Beloved Leader will make the trains run on time. Heil Hitler! Er, I mean HEIL OBAMA!

I long for the “Good Ole Days” when GWB only listened to our telephone conversations we had with terrorists

666Dumb Fuck Obama wants to embed radio chips into our drivers’ licenses. And dipshit liberals stand in line: “More Sir, can we have more Sir!?” Oh, but it’s “voluntary” for now. Oh, gee, well that settles it. Sign me up. And hey, I might lose my drivers’ license, s0 why not just embed one of those little suckers under my skin. Can’t lose it if it is inobtrusively embedded under my skin. Make mine 666, too.

Obama is less popular than GWB was at same time after his first inauguration

Per Gallup Polls. But with Bush you didn’t hear the media every day saying  how great he was. And the Dems didn’t suddenly abandon their liberalism as you see the Pubs trying to abandon their conservatism. Dems just bided their time, opposed Bush on every front, and waited until Bush shot himself in the foot. Republicans need to get a little perspective and quit despairing. This dark period will pass.  Obama’s policies will sink his Administration. Given enough time Americans will see what a fascist thug he is, and they will reject him. And I’ll be right here saying “I told you so.”