Daily Archives: March 18, 2009

The MSM’s 10 Favorite Republican Pundits

From Right Wing News. God, WHY couldn’t I have been so talented? A couple of teaser quotes:

“Meghan McCain is well known because she’s young, pretty, rich, and because of her family name. In other words, she’s the Republican Party’s version of Paris Hilton — but sometimes, I suspect that Paris is just playing dumb. I can’t say the same for Meghan McCain.”

“[Kathleen] Parker received savage criticism for her attacks on Palin and instead of wondering whether she blundered, she doubled down and started regularly insulting Palin and other conservatives. To give you an idea of how well this went over on the right, at Townhall, where the average column produces a four star rating, Parker has at the time of this post, gone 50 straight columns without hitting the four star mark. In other words, things that are more popular than Kathleen Parker with conservatives probably include head lice, parking tickets, and Rachel Maddow.”

A hearty 5 stars from John Doe.

Left of the Hill is concerned about Republicans now?

Ain’t that just so sweet! I hear al Qaeda is concerned about Obama’s we_support_our_troops2recent drop in poll numbers and wants to offer him unsolicited advice to get them back up there. And Putin has become concerned about the size of our national debt and has offered his advice to help us out of this mess.

Ok, enough sarcasm for the dipshit free advice from Left of the Hill.  I’d like to address a point that was made in the article. To paraphrase, the dipshit author in all his years of “organizing” in Virginia claims he has heard “time and time again” from “moderate” Republicans complain that the Republican party only takes “extreme stances on social issues.”  Yeah, how many times have the Democrats taken “moderate stances on social issues”? Continue reading

Hey liberals: Wanna gain some credibility?

Let’s hear you admit that Obama made an abominable mistake even considering making vets’ insurance pay for their medical care.  If GWB even was caught dead considering such a proposal every liberal in the universe would have erupted in unison to condemn him. Instead, all we hear coming from libs is the sound a completely deaf person hears when a feather floats to the floor.