Daily Archives: March 5, 2009

Obama popularity lower than GWB’s same time in first term

buttsnifferThough you wouldn’t know it because the slobbering Butt Sniffers who infest the MSM never tell you. GW was more popular and less unpopular!  Remember, GW was taking hell for Bush v. Gore and being attacked mercilessly by the rabid left and the MSM. In contrast, Komrade Barack won the popular vote easily and has been given a honeymoon by the press and media. And still the loser is less popular than GW. Moral: Don’t give up, conservatives. Don’t believe that crap that we have to give up our souls and become “more moderate.”  Things change. Nobody thought George I could lose after his sky-high popularity after “Desert Storm”, either. Then along came a lying hippie from Arkansas.

The “Miracle Twin Drive-In” is closing

After forty-seven odd years. I have so many fond memories of going there (and others like it).  Our house caught fire when I was 4 as we were on our way to a drive-in. Fortunately, unbeknownst to my mother, we children had snuck “Gretchen” the family dachshund, into the car, and so mother turned around to take the dog back home, discovered the fire, and saved the house from worse damage. Continue reading

Here is to Sir Teddy The Fat Bastard

Fat bastard Teddy Kennedy got knighted and all I got was this little bigtedkennedy11air pocket in which to suffocate. MaryJo Kopechnie

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