Daily Archives: March 26, 2009

Newsflash for Blue Commonwealth: NOBODY watched the Obama propaganda conference

And all you other idiots who think Eric Cantor has some obligation to watch the Commander in Diapers give a teleprompter address. Wake up, dumbass.  It wasn’t just Cantor who blew it off–it was the entire nation, and the entire world, that gave a collective yawn while you were having an O-O-OOOO-Obasm with the hand-picked and scripted propaganda fest. UPDATE–Jammiewearingfool : “Maybe I’m missing something, but is there a requirement that the House Minority Whip has to watch Obama read off his oversized TelePrompter?” If you want to criticize Eric, criticize his taste in concerts! How gay.

And you continue to casitgate Cantor for not having any principles because he voted along with the Democraps on the AIG Bonus issue? That’s like Obama’s butt boy calling out Obama’s fart catcher for sticking too close to his master’s ass. Of course Cantor had no principles. But neither do any of the Democraps who voted for the bill. Grow a brain you ignorant retard. Every time you diss him, you diss yourself and all other democraps. Continue reading