Obama appoints a crook, Dems provide cover and Pubs have “no problem”

Either the guy is a tax evader or he is too stupid to run the Treasury Department.  Mr. Geithner, did you know you needed to pay taxes on income that you earned, check yes or no. Yes? You cheated. No? You are too stupid to run the Treasury. NEXT!  Hmmm.  Or does this mean that the next time somebody doesn’t take taxes out of my paycheck, no problem? I’ll just “honestly” neglect to pay the taxes myself.

“Republicans have yet to sign off on expediting the hearing, although senior Democrats expressed confidence that the disclosures would do little to slow Geithner’s path to confirmation. At least one Republican, Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, said he had “no problem” with Geithner.

“These errors were not intentional; they were honest mistakes,” Baucus said after the session.”

….”Obama’s team says his mistake was a common one for people hired by international organizations and foreign embassies that don’t pay the employer share of Social Security taxes. The IRS estimated in 2006 that as many as half those employees had made tax-filing mistakes, and offered a group settlement to let them correct the errors.”

“But some tax experts said the problem is not that common.

“Tom Ochsenschlager, vice president of tax for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, said it would be difficult for someone preparing a tax return for a self-employed person to skip the Social Security and Medicare tax lines.

“It’s such a basic mistake that I kind of wonder if we know all the facts,” Ochsenschlager said.   THANK YOU FOR AT LEAST ONE GUY WHO AIN’T DRINKING THE” KOOL AID THAT THE DEMS ARE PASSING OUT!

And Orin Hatch has “no problem” with this? Yeah, let’s try to the one millionth time to be nice to the Democrats, maybe this time they will be nice to us next time we need a break. NOT!

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