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Here is a sweet video of the take out of a couple of terrorist rockets

And of one that got away. Only a minute long. Continue reading

Liberals still attacking the names of Palin’s children

whos-the-retard-nowNow they are attacking what her grandson’s name is. How about I write a comment on what idiotic names the Obamas chose for their daughters. Sasha and Malia? Sounds like what some zoo might name a couple of baby elephants given to it by an african country. He he. What a comic I am. Not!  Why then do liberal idiots persist in thinking it is funny to attack Sarah Palin’s kids? Continue reading

WTF is a “RightyBlog”?

commie20libWhatever it is, “The Valley Progress” is not one. Throw that communist blogger out, or change the name from “RightyBlog” to “Anyold-blogwilldo.”  The Valley Progress is not a “RightyBlog”! To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, “Mr. Mastio (the Editor), tear down that blog!”

Iseman v. New York Times

Some initial thoughts about this case from a lawyer.  First, many do not have any clue what a huge investment in time, money and resources this case will have on the law firm representing the plaintiff.  Thousands of hours will be spent–working for free. The NYTs will not roll over and play dead. And while the NYT’s attorneys are being paid a king’s ransom to defend The Grey Lady, the plaintiff’s lawyers are working for free. This is a classic case where the plaintiff could not afford to sue to clear her name if we did not have the contingency fee system. Granted, her attorneys could become rich. If they win. And the case is not set aside on appeal. In several years. After literally risking millions of dollars worth of their time and money.  Or they could get nothing. Continue reading

Anti-Israeli goons: What are the protesters thinking?

I’m serious. I’d like somebody to try to explain and I’ll remain civil if you make a serious attempt. As Professor Alan Dershowitz explains, there are basically three positions: Hamas and Iran see the terrorist attacks as legit, and Israel’s response as war crimes. Russia, the U.N., Europe etc. see a “moral equivalence” between deliberate attacks on civilians and counter-attacks to stop those attacks. And some place the blame squarely on Israel. (1)

What would America do? Let’s say that terrorists took over an island in the Bahamas and lobbed missiles at Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. But the missiles were lobbed from heavily populated areas. Would America strike back and obliterate those missile launch cites? You betcha. Continue reading

Carbon Offsets For Sale Here

74951953Due to popular demand, we have expanded our offerings to include package deals:

Our “Ginormous Offsets Deal“–For ONLY $1,000 for a full year, you too can live guilt free. And for those of you who can’t resist a deal, we offer a full ten years of guilt free living, all for the low, low price of $8,299.99 (financing available).  (1)

Our “Struggling Student Deal”–For ONLY $250 for a full semester, you can impress that Vegan Obamaniac hot chick who doesn’t shave her pits and who sits two rows over from you in “Men Are All Pigs” 301. This is your only chance to impress her, you metro-sexual hottie you! (If she’s not butch.)

And finally, our “Al Gore Deluxe Super Duper Deal”–this is for you typical liberals out there who believe everything that famous scientist Al Gore tells you. But, you just hate to assauge your guilt with your own money–you prefer to pay with Other People’s Money! For only $29.95 of your own money, you can live guilt free. FOREVER!  (2) Continue reading

SOME reasons why I am a “Strict Constructionist”


THIS is an example of how the people who “interpret” the Bill of Rights have completely changed the original meaning of the words:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion Which even allows any mention of religion by the Government, or allows any public displays of crosses or Creeches, or any praying or bible study, UNLESS WE SAY SO, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech McCain-Feingold baby!  or of the press [Hey, we liberals like the press, let’s keep this one in there] ; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed[Oh yes the right to bear arms shall be infringed for decades. OOOOOPS! Mebbe not, see District of Columbia v. Heller, 2008.] Continue reading

SUDDENLY liberals are concerned about “Respect for the Office of the Presidency”?

After years of “Buck Fush” and “Somewhere in Texas a village has lost an idiot”, suddenly they want the Pubs to respect the Office now that Nobama is aboard. The object of their sudden concern? A little song which parodies Al Sharpton’s jealousy of Obama’s rise from nowhere without paying his dues.  What is so ironic is that the co-writer of the original song, Puff the Magic Dragon, is a convicted child molester, yet he condemns the Shanklin parody as a  it “insults the office of the Presidency.”   * Continue reading

WHAT THE HELL is wrong with whoever runs “RightyBlogs Virginia”? “The Valley Progress Report” is about as left as you can get without falling off the face of the earth

12281585067721If that communist ungodly heathen faggot loving imbecile has a “RightyBlog”, then I’m the King of Russia. Fine, if that dumb bastard wants to blog, let him. But don’t let him call himself a RightyBlog. He is just gaming the system, playing you for a fool. My suggestion: kick him off of RightyBlogs and put him where he belongs: CommieBlogs Virginia.

Another instant classic at iowahawk

Here is just a little taste of a “guest opinion” by Princess Caroline’s housekeeper on why the Princess should be selected Senator:

“Senora Kennedy she is from famous senator family. Senora Kennedy father was El Presidente. She have tio who is senator. She have many cousin who also is senator, even all the ones with the drug problems. Why she is only one who no is senator? This is no fair to her. In my old country was the law that all family of el Presidente is also Senator or Minister until the revolucion…. Continue reading