Daily Archives: January 14, 2009

GWB finally says something right about Obama

Something I’ve been thinking for a while: Obama: Shut the hell up with the negative forecasts about the economy. When George W. became President, the Dems accused him of talking down the economy.  A President can “talk” us into a recession–or make things worse in general– if enough of the public believes all that negativism spewing from Obama’s mouth.  If people fear, they freeze up, stop spending, stop hiring, start firing and otherwise hunker down. And the negative forecast becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.   Continue reading

Obama appoints a crook, Dems provide cover and Pubs have “no problem”

Either the guy is a tax evader or he is too stupid to run the Treasury Department.  Mr. Geithner, did you know you needed to pay taxes on income that you earned, check yes or no. Yes? You cheated. No? You are too stupid to run the Treasury. NEXT!  Hmmm.  Or does this mean that the next time somebody doesn’t take taxes out of my paycheck, no problem? I’ll just “honestly” neglect to pay the taxes myself. Continue reading