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WHERE IS THIS? Somewhere in Virginia…

I’ll make the photos progressively easier on each page. Tell me how far you had to go before you figured it out. Don’t mention where it is yet, just when you figured out where it is… Apologies to Christa for the photography Continue reading

AP Article: Obama Amin to enact energy and conservation laws which will save us trillions

The following is an excerpt from an AP article about the Obama Administration’s plans for saving the country money while at the same time saving the planet from man-made global warming. While the actual plans are thousands of pages in length, Obama insiders have confirmed that the following excerpts are fair and accurate depictions of what is actually in the soon to be published plans.

The AP News article contains the following condensation of the soon to be proposed Act: The Act is to be called the Domestic Operation to Pursuade Ecological  Savings (acronym for The Act). Key highlights of the plan include:

A new Czar who will have the authority to manage all aspects of this Act. Among the visionary new proposals are conservation in all types of areas. Some of the highlights:

(1) Government installed governors on all automobiles.  The governors will prevent any automobile from exceeding 55 mph, and will prevent Jack Rabbit starts. Also, all ignition systems will include alcohol sensors to prevent driving while under the influence.  Estimated savings, $758,392,000,000 in the first four years. Continue reading

Obama selects queer bishop for inaugural event prayer

My question is, how will Obama top this freak-show? What’s next, the nations first openly avowed thief? The first serial murderer bishop? Everybody has their little peccadilloes. What’s a little pederasty among friends? Everybody steals, some are just more bold about it! Obama sure is great at picking pastors… Yeah, you go Obama. Define that deviancy down. Continue reading

Remember all that BS about Robert Rubin being a financial genius when he was Bubba selected as Treasury Sect?

Citigroup thought so too and was ecstatic when it hired him as Director and Chairman of Citigroup’s executive committee back in 1999. But for the record, Citigroup (C) is currently selling for $6.07 per share. In 1999 its shares were selling for $35.00 per share.  Early in Ruben’s tenure they went all the way up to $58. For you liberals keeping track at home, that is a decline of over 82% in the value of the company since Robert “The Genius” Rubin was hired by Citigroup. He recently resigned in disgrace. To top matters off, Citigroup is in talks to be bought out by a competitor, Morgan Stanley. WTG Bob, you certainly showed the world what a genius you are.   Continue reading

Hmmm. Obama choice for Global Warming Czar had ties to socialist group but now the evidence has been scrubbed from the socialist website

Where have we seen this before? Oh, yeah, it was Barry Obama’s ties to the New Party (socialists) Continue reading

GWB refused to bail out his party by withdrawing from Iraq

That has been the greatest political political act of “courage” that I have witnessed in my life time. It would have been even more “courageous” if it had occurred when he was running for re-election to his second term instead of during his second term.  But GWB standing by essentially mute while Obamaniacs and peaceniks of the country accused him of lying to get us into war, and not using the “Bully Pulpit” to reply to all his critics as they savaged him for eight years has been the greatest act of political malpractice that I can ever remember in my life time. You can’t let your critics lie about you and trust that the American people are smart enough to see through the lies. Never underestimate the gullibility of a large portion of the American public. Continue reading