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Perhaps I’ve been too hard on Princess Caroline?

I admit that I find her attractive, in my a-good-proportion-of-Irish-blood-in-me sort of way. And I do admire how she brought up her children in a most un-Kennedy sorta way.  And she did help to derail Hillary’s campaign. Egads. Imagine if a Clinton had won. Rahm Emanuel might be Chief of Staff…

“Lady Caroline had everything going for her, niceness, politeness, pleasantness, one might even say wholesomeness. Despite the tragic loss of her parents and brother, she kept her head up and never played the victim. She remains married to her only husband, their children having been raised without any hint of scandal. Single-handedly she deprived Hillary Clinton of the U.S. presidency.”  (1) Continue reading

It’s that time of year again: The Darwin Awards

Much as I’d like to encourage every liberal not to breed, sometimes there are different degrees of stupidity. Continue reading

ANOTHER reason to hate the French

Hmmm. They don’t bathe. They are a bunch of obnoxious socialist cowards. And they look down on the US? Continue reading

Gov Patterson should appoint a black person instead of Princess Caroline

Apparently, he is considering the Princess. Since merit does not seem to be entering the equation, he should appoint a black Afro American. It is a shame that the USA has no black senators. We have enough rich, pampered air-headed Senators. He has an opportunity to single-handedly remedy the situation. Even if the Blago pick succeeds, Patterson can single-handedly double the number of black US Senators. Are you telling me he can’t find a single black African-American as qualified as The Princess? How about Al Sharpton? At least he has been involved in politics for several years.

Roland Burress: a FREAK or just well prepared?



I’m thinkin FREEEEEEAAAAAAK. He has his own tomb prepared.

Continue reading

9 Muslims removed from a jet

One of them says it was because they were “profiled because of their appearance.”  ….”It was an ordeal,” said Abdur Razack Aziz, the family friend who was also detained. “Nothing came out of it. It was paranoid people. It was very sad.” Continue reading

Here’s to all the liberals who say Republicans are “chickenhawks”

I’d say it is more like Democrats  and liberals are just chicken.

“In keeping with previous surveys, nearly half of the respondents described their political views as conservative or very conservative. Slightly more than half said they consider themselves Republicans, 22 percent independents and 13 percent Democrats.”  [BWAAAACK Buck buck BWAAAAAAACK!] Continue reading