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Some people are smarter than me.

None of them are liberals. This guy is, so I present to you perfection [well, almost] in a two paragraph quote: Continue reading

Bonus points for whoever knows what my new header is

Frankie prolly will figure it out first. It’s a scan of something sacred to me.  Never mind, I already changed my header. Christa wins.

This one is for you Metro-sexuals out there

Seth? Lowell? You know who you are.  There are some real men left in America. If this doesn’t resonate with you, fine. Just don’t breed.


An OMG must-read!

Sorry, I was drinking and listening to the wife complain and I forgot what site directed me to this delicious article, but I consider it one of the best ever written about firearms. Please shoot responsibly [i.e., hit what you aim at biotch]. 😉 Continue reading

MORE proof that The Valley Progress Report blogger is a moron

The Vally Progress Report–that idiot who is a member of “RightyBlogs” but who is really a flaming idiot–recently posted an article about teenage pregnancy being on the rise in the south but decreasing in the north. Dumbass wrote “Gee, what a shocker….” after the news.  Any idiot can figure what he meant: the liberal north had a decrease and the conservative south increased. But what Dumbass (copyrighted term for blogger at The Valley Progress Report) doesn’t realize is that the south has more blacks and more hispanics. If you look behind the numbers, what you find is that the birth rate (births per 1,000) for females 15-19 breaks down like this: White………26.6; Black……….63.7; Hispanic….83.0. And guess what, blacks and hispanics are democraps. Go north to where the lowest black/hispanic population is, and there you have the lowest teen birth rate. So, he meant his idiotic article as a diss to the south and to conservatism, but it was actually a diss to liberals and democraps. They. Can’t. Police. Their own.  Statistics in the hands of a moron always produce moronic conclusions. Continue reading

Little Timmy wants to make it even easier for Dems to steal elections

VIRGINIAS IMPACTGov Timmy Kaine wants to allow “no excuses” early absentee voting, up to 45 days before the election. This reeks on so many levels. First, even if this were a perfectly innocent motive on his part–which most assuredly it is not–then this reeks of typical liberal hey what non-problem can we fix today? We have to run around looking like we are being Progressive. Or, hey, other states do it! We can’t be left behind! Duh, dipsh!t Timmy–there is no problem to fix here. Continue reading

Obama flip-flops. Or lies.

In a span of less than 10 days, PEBO went from publicly opposing the Burriss selection and supporting Harry Reid’s denial of him to privately supporting his selection and pressuring Reid to accept him. Either way, it shows that he is weak.  Now that’s change we can believe in! Continue reading

Somebody successfully hacked Obama’s twitter account!

All from LMAO dot calm:

* I did not have appointmental discussions with that Governor, Rod Blagojevich.

* Uh… change… uh… hope… uh… historic… uh… damn this broken teleprompter! BRB…

* Best. Shirtless. President. EVA! Boo-yah! Who’s your daddy?

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