Daily Archives: January 16, 2009

MORE dumb science

A new study shows that refusing to sleep with a partner on the first date could be one of the keys to making a successful match.”  [NO SHIT SHERLOCK?]   Continue reading

Here is a problem I have with scientists–THEY AREN’T VERY LOGICAL

Two possible explanations have been developed for the red methane gas produced by Mars, one is geological and one is biological. So of course at least one NASA scientist believes it is more likely biological.  Hmmm. When faced with two possible explanations, life on Mars caused it or chemical reaction caused it, which one do you think is more likely? This is not a tough question. Unless you work for NASA and want to get national headlines… Continue reading

My blog is growing

Over 3,600 views this month (Errr Errr ERRRR ERRRRRRRRR he crowed!). Thank you to all who stop by.  img_0054

R. I. P. Andrew Wyeth

ima-w2031Probably his most famous painting. (Though I don’t “get” it.) Continue reading

Obama is looking at the Geithner situation wrong

This is an opportunity for Obama to show he is a strong leader.  Withdrawing the Geithner nomination would send a strong message: You screwed up? Bam. You’re gone. See I am ethical. I’m not a Chicago thug who rewards loyalty and party affiliation in the face of ethical lapses. Continue reading

I wanna be a hero

Probably just voicing that thought condemns me to being a coward.  But I’ve never been in a life or death situation.  Listening to all the news about the jet that went down makes me wonder what I would do in an emergency.  Continue reading