Daily Archives: January 31, 2009

Obama to Kentucky: Let the white people freeze

IMAO: “WASHINGTON (AP) – While hundreds of thousands of [WHITE] people in Kentucky go without heat or electricity due to this week’s ice storm, President Barack Obama explained his indifference to the weather-related tragedy by saying “I’ve been kinda busy this week, and besides, I don’t care about white people, anyway….”

“I’d really love to help out,” said Obama, absent-mindedly scratching his face with his middle finger, “but I’ve got my hands full trying to push my stimulus porkulus package past those Pigmently-Challenged partisan hack Republicans in the Senate. Speaking of Republicans, did you know I only got 40% of the vote in yonder red state? And NOW they want me to make them a priority? I guess hillbillies really are as dumb as everyone says.”

Now if only we could see a photo of D’Ohbama flying over Kentucky to view the destruction while on his way to a Hollywood fundraiser…