Daily Archives: January 9, 2009

Queers wanna get physical?

First, I don’t blame those who don’t want to be subject to attacks by radical queers. But let’s remember who out-numbers whom. If queers [am I allowed to say that about people who are threatening others because of their political views? Shall I call them “nice people who just enjoy acting like terrorists? Homo-terrorists?] really want to take this fight to the next level, I say they will come out losers!  Continue reading

Gupta nomination making Obamaniacs cringe?

01020801040601030920080412ea97c6931adff8764700e322-735132Can you say “one lightweight nominating another,” baby? Hey, girls (and you metrosexual guys): they are both pretty to look at. But there is no There there. What the freak was Obama thinking? What’s next? Judge Judy for Supreme Court? Or, for a little heft, bring Judge Wapner out of retirement, or the grave, or where ever the heck he went to?  This looks like just another in a string of stupid decisions on The Messiah’s part: Carolyn Kennedy to help select his VP…Joe Biden…Leon Panetta for CIA Director… Continue reading

Signs that the attack on Gaza is having the desired effect

Bottom line, Muslim terrorists are afraid of Israel again, and the general public in Gaza is angry at Hamas as well as the Israelis. The evidence? An Arab diplomat reportedly said that the word on the Arab street is that the “Jews have gone crazy.”  Also, remember those rockets that came out of Lebanon yesterday into Israel? Hizbullah immediately denied having anything to do with them. Fear is a good thing, boys and girls. It helps prevent terrorist attacks and wars, and it helps keep wars from spreading.

Continue reading

HERE is a new law that Dems should enact “to be fair”

Require the number of elected officials to be proportionate to the race of the general population at large of each state and the nation as a whole.  For the House of Representatives, for instance, if S.C. has a black population of 45%, then as near as possible 45% of S.C.’s Representatives must be blacks, and one of their two Senators must be black.  If they already have a whitey, then only blacks are allowed to run for the next election cycle.  Obviously, not all states have that high a percentage of blacks. No worries! Clump states together, say N.H., Vermont, and N.Y. until you get enough black population to require another black to be chosen.  Then require at least one Senator to be chosen from one of those states to be a black. Then, no matter what, at least one black would have to be chosen from one of those states. If none wins the election, then the one who came closest to winning is elected, and one of the unfortunate whitey who “won” instead loses. Continue reading

Where have all the peaceniks been for the past 7 years?

…”would there have been an Israeli incursion into Gaza if those who went into the streets to stop Israel — those who never wanted that incursion into Gaza — had earlier gone into the streets to protest the rockets that rained down on Sderot for seven years? Would there have been an incursion if the self-proclaimed peace and justice crowd had done something other than providing forums for blatant propagandists justifying murder?” Continue reading

Pat Buchanan is a freakin anti-Semite

image684591xI can still hear his shrill whine complaining that it was America’s fault when Russia invaded Georgia this summer. But of course, when Isreal invades Gaza, suddenly he compares them to the Nazi blitzkrieg and calls Gaza their concentration camp for the Palestinians. Continue reading

…”If you can duck the Feds while all men doubt you”

“If you can just accuse them all of spinning
And quote a bit of Kipling on the way
And comb your hair and somehow keep on grinning
And tell them no one ever paid to play”… Continue reading