GWB finally says something right about Obama

Something I’ve been thinking for a while: Obama: Shut the hell up with the negative forecasts about the economy. When George W. became President, the Dems accused him of talking down the economy.  A President can “talk” us into a recession–or make things worse in general– if enough of the public believes all that negativism spewing from Obama’s mouth.  If people fear, they freeze up, stop spending, stop hiring, start firing and otherwise hunker down. And the negative forecast becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  

When discussing the nation’s economic slump, Bush cautioned his successor “not to become an economic forecaster once he gets to be president.”

King and Bush discussed Obama’s predictions for a bad year ahead for the U.S. economy and King asked Bush, “That’s not a good idea to say?”

“I don’t think so. I think he can say it’s going to be a tough period, but to predict what the economy is going to do … it is going to be bad. How bad? How long?” Bush responded. “What he ought to be saying — and I know he feels this way — is he’s going to take the steps he thinks are necessary to get us back on the road to recovery and we will recover.”

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