Daily Archives: January 21, 2009

Dear Congress: I APOLOGIZE (in advance) for not paying the next $35,000 of taxes that I owe

We’re good, right? I’m indispensable to my family. And my business. I’m the right guy at the right time in the right place. I just. Can’t. Afford those exhorbitant taxes. TIA, you idiot MFers.

More support keeping Guantanamo prison open than support closing it

Gallop poll says those in favor of keeping it open out number those against it, 45% – 35%.  Continue reading

Our neighbor and why we have to kill him

By Leon de Winter

Several years later apparently it is ok to admit the truth: Rush was right

Those of us with memories remember how savagely Rush Limbaugh was attacked by the liberal media for his comments about Donovan McNabb. He was called a racist, a bigot, an idiot and worse, and summarily fired from ESPN. Virtually nobody defended him.  Well, I guess enough time has elapsed that at least one black man in the media can admit the truth.  Continue reading

Joeseph Wilson is a God damned liar

Even now, on the last day of the Bush Administration, he just can’t stop spreading his lies. Continue reading