Daily Archives: January 22, 2009

From the Golden Microphone

RUSH:  I don’t run the country.  I’m not trying to tell people to come up with policies that are going to require people to live the way I damn well want ’em to.  I’m not the one coming up with plans telling them what they can do and when they can’t do it, how much they have to give me, Obama, to make sure everybody else is happy.  I’m taking nothing from anybody.  I’m giving nobody anything.  I cannot raise their taxes.  I cannot redistribute their wealth.  I cannot deny people their earnings.  I cannot rearrange society.  I cannot proclaim this group of people unfair and those people need to be gotten even with.  I can’t pick winners and losers in this country.  I can’t tell you that you deserve to lose some so somebody else can win some.  Obama has that power, and, my brother, he wants that power, he wants to be able to pick winners and losers.   Continue reading

Is Below the Beltway blogger an idiot?

gulliverYes.  First, Rush is right to hope that Obama fails. We don’t have to sit around and HOPE his liberal policies will succeed. History has proven again and again and again that they fail miserably. Oooooh! Let’s sit around this time and HOPE it will be different! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Continue reading

Elections have consequences

Idiot in, idiot policies come with idiot. Obama may ban offshore oil drilling and the development of oil shale fields. Hey, just as long as he gets his arugula and his limo and his helicopter and his Air Force One, who the hell cares about the rest of us?

Idiot Pelosi lifts rug and shows what is underneath Cap and Trade

A tax scheme to steal still more money from producers and give it to her political supporters. How in God’s name did we reach the point where this idiot bitch is in charge of the House of Representatives?

I believe we have to [bring “climate change” legislation up for a vote] because we see that as a source of revenue,” she said, noting that proposed cap-and-trade bills would raise billions of dollars by forcing major emitters to buy credits to release greenhouse gases. “Cap-and-trade is there for a reason. You cap and you trade so you can pay for some of these investments in energy independence and renewables.”