Daily Archives: January 10, 2009

Obama to do away with “don’t ask don’t tell” = Piss off our warriors to salve the conscience of pacifist girly-men who don’t serve anyway

Hey, Mon. We be jammin our MoRaaality down your troat, Mon, and you will like it Mon. New poll shows 10% of troops WILL NOT re-enlist if the current policy is replaced by Obama’s immorality policy.  So let’s piss off 10% of our troops so that less than .005% or however many queers serve in the military can be openly immoral? Continue reading

Proof that anti-Israeli protesters are anti-Semitics

What else explains the fact that they protest Israeli attacks that accidentally injure innocent civilians but not other military actions that kill innocent civilians? Do we see millions marching in the streets protesting the Darfur massacre (1).   Or in 1994 regarding the slaughter of 800,000 mostly Christian members of the Tutsi tribe in Rwanda (when Bubba was President)? Continue reading

More “change” we can believe in: D’Ohbama picks lobbyist to become No. 2 official at the Defense Department

William J. Lynn III, is a senior vice president for government operations at Raytheon.  And he was a lobbyist until July.  Ooops. What happened to D’Ohbama’s “anti-lobbyists policy”? That was just campaign rhetoric. Nobody but the Kool Aid drinkers believed that you meant what you said…

Little Timmy Kaine: “We’re the problem solvers”

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch yesterday: “We’re not the idealogues, the obstructionists, the gridlock folks. We’re the problem solvers,” Little Timmy Kaine said. 

But judging by the job he have done in Virginia, little Timmy, I’d say he is just the little twerp who goes around looking for problems so he can pretend to solve problems that nobody really believes are problems in the first place. No wonder D’Ohbama wanted little Timmy to help him…

“Change” we can believe in

Obama selects queer “point person” for all LGBT issues.  WTF were you idiots thinking who voted for this moron? All the problems in this country, and D’Ohbama’s worried about faggots? Continue reading

What do you do at work Mommy?

“Well, I used to kill babies. Now I’m laid off.” At least this is one bright outcome from the discovery of the Madoff Ponzi Scheme.  Madoff is no longer able to give away Other People’s Money to help fund Planned Parenthood’s baby-killing machine.

“Hit with declines in funding from the economic crisis and the Madoff scandal, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America is laying off around 20% of its staff.” Continue reading

Rockingham Jury awards $200k punitive damages in DUI case

And +$80k for compensatory damages.  Drunk collided head on with a vehicle that a high school student was riding in. Somewhat old news (Oct. 31, 2008 verdict), but I just read the Lawyers Weekly from 12/22/08. Defendant’s BAC was measured at 0.32 (4x the level at which one is considered impaired?). When asked at the scene whether he had been drinking, he reportedly replied “Oh, hell yeah.” At trial, he admitted that he still drank alcohol, still drove his car, and had no desire to seek treatment, despite two previous DUIs. Plaintiff offered to settle for $75k, but insurance only offered $55k. The defense argued that the drunk had already been “punished” enough, having served a 30 day jail sentence, and paid his criminal fines and attended VASAP, and had his license restricted until 2010.  Plaintiff’s lawyer was Brian K. Brake for those of you up there who need a good lawyer in Harrisonburg.  WTG Mr. Brake and Rockingham jury! Continue reading