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If anybody really cares about the Bush hiring practices at the Civil Rights Division

Read this. I dare you. It rings true. The Dems are doing a hatchet job on GWB.

I have to take issue with a post on The Enlightened Redneck

[Love your blog by the way, buddy!] He draws a distinction between Rednecks and whitenecks based upon occupation. I think “Redneck” is a state of mind, a position earned at birth, that can only be formally rejected, as one does when he renounces his citizenship. A “redneck” is not just some guy who is fortunate enough to have a job where he works with his hands outside. Some of us–obviously mentally unstable–made choices in life whereby the only way that we can earn a living is by sitting on our asses in chairs behind a desk all day. Continue reading

Virginia Tech beheading a consequence of liberal policies?

Hear me out. In my lifetime there has been a complete change in the way that we treat the insane. We used to institutionalize them merely for being insane. Along came liberal do-gooders who said, “No, that’s not fair–only institutionalize them when they have shown that they are a danger to themselves or others.” Continue reading

Knives don t kill people

Chinese immigrants do. What is it with Chinese and knives? Remember the Chinese immigrant who decapitated a fellow greyhound bus passenger in Canada back in August? And the American who was killed by a knife-wielding China man during the 2008 Olympics? Brainwashing? Sent to North America to cause terrror? I don’t believe in coincidence…

Call your Senator and oppose Timothy Geithner for Treasury Secretary!

Call your Senator right now at 202-224-3121 and tell him to oppose Tim Geithner for Treasury Secretary.  [You will get an operator, ask for one of your Senators and you will speak to a live person who will take your name and address and pass along your opposition to him. I just did it and it took less than 1 minute.] Continue reading

Kick. The Valley Progess. Out. Of. RightyBlogs. NOW!

What moronic policy allows that un-American worthless scum sucking piece of shit to be called a RightyBlog? Continue reading

Do the Chinese know how to handle businessmen who screw up or what?

In America they would have just bankrupted their corporation and maybe spent a couple of years in a half-way house.  Continue reading

Put yourself in the position of a captured al Qaida operative

Then (during GWB Administration): “The Bresident is crazy, his bolicies are nuts. Allah ackbar!  They might shib me off to black oberations brisons, or CIA oberated brison shib. Allah forbid, they might even shib me off to my own country or Saudi Arabia or some where else where dey do torture. The American dogs don’t give camel’s ass about the Geneva Convention, because I was cabtured out of uniform, am enemy combatant, ALLAH BE BRAISED! They might even shoot me. Who knows? They really will drown me when they water board me? Maybe. They are nuts! Or they might send me Gitmo, let me rot there forever. I may never get to behead another American in my life, Allah forbid!   I must cooberate, see if I can trick American dogs into believing I forsake my eternal quest for martyrdom by fighting American bigs!”

Now, (under BHO Administration): “American dogs so stupid! They tell me advance what can and can’t do to me to make me talk. It spelled out in American dogs’ Army Field Manuel. Ha! My little sister could stand such treatment. This won’t affect how we treat American dog GIs when we cabture them. We kill them. After torture. Nothing will stob that–we not weak like this Obama Hussein, what his name is?!  Now when cabtured we will never talk! We will demand a lawyer, demand our “Constitutional Rights”–stupid American dogs! We will demand sbeedy trial, let go soon, return to killing American bigs! ALLAH ACHBAR!” Continue reading

It is official–Obama is a warmonger

idiot20sonISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) – “Missiles fired from a suspected U.S. spy plane killed seven people Friday on the Pakistan side of the Afghan border, a lawless region where al-Qaida militants are known to hide out, officials said.” Continue reading

Democrats make a great show about how ethical they are

And how principled they are. They opposed Bush policies “on principle.”  How dare he do what they consider to be “unconstitutional acts” to keep this country safe. Never mind that no court has ever determined that what he did was un-Constitutional, (at least I have no imediate recall of any such ruling), they were “principled” in their opposition to him. WRONG! They are just partisan hacks.

This post is for the Lowell Fulk’s of the world.  Ya’ll have zero credibility if you don’t voice opposition to the Timothy Geithner nomination. Now. Continue reading