Proof that anti-Israeli protesters are anti-Semitics

What else explains the fact that they protest Israeli attacks that accidentally injure innocent civilians but not other military actions that kill innocent civilians? Do we see millions marching in the streets protesting the Darfur massacre (1).   Or in 1994 regarding the slaughter of 800,000 mostly Christian members of the Tutsi tribe in Rwanda (when Bubba was President)?

“Israel’s critics say it has nothing to do witth anti-Semitism. Rather, they profess to lament the effects of that self-defense on innocent civilians. Please. If the suffering of innocents truly were at issue, then the streets long ago would have been overrun by protests against, e.g., the relentless butchery in the Congo–where more than 3.8 million people have died.” 

“Isreal’s critics also profess to resent the blockades of Gaza that have kept necessitites from getting in. Really? When was the last time they marched in the streets against the mass starvation inflicted by North Korea’s regime, or the deprivations in Cuba imposed by decades of Communist rule? Is it blackades they resent–or simply the source of those blockades?” …. A. Barton Hinkle, Times Dispatch Op/Ed, 1/9/09.

I really hate it when people casually toss around the word racist or anti-Semite.  But, if it walks like an anti-Semite and talks like an anti-Semite, it probably is an anti-Semite.

(1) supposedly 400,000 murdered in Darfur:

2 responses to “Proof that anti-Israeli protesters are anti-Semitics

  1. For those of us who have been protesting Darfur and Congo for some time this is no different. But in case you are wondering , A general assembly resolution from 1948 to restitute Palestinian refugees giving them back a life was ignored by Israeli and everyone else who had no political motivation to do so, thus over the next 60 years ( at which anytime they could have chosen to follow the resolution but did not) over time marginalized increasing numbers of Palestinians. There are 4 million Palestinian refugees currently at camps from Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and so on, at this point in time. 4 million marginalized people and this could have been resolved any time over the last 60 years.

    So the question is not why are we not screaming as loudly about Darfur and Congo but why we have not been screaming about Palestine this past 60 years.

  2. Olivia, thanks for posting, but I see your last sentence as just a dodge. Nobody protests the other murders occurring around the world. Look at the news that protests are garnering around the world over a few hundred Palestinians being killed. Thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of civilians through out the world die, but the news is a few hundred Palestinians dying. I don’t blame you personally, you might have motives as pure as snow. I’m pointing out that there is a double standard. Some unfortunate deaths of innocent civilians are more newsworthy, and protest worthy, than others.

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