Obama to do away with “don’t ask don’t tell” = Piss off our warriors to salve the conscience of pacifist girly-men who don’t serve anyway

Hey, Mon. We be jammin our MoRaaality down your troat, Mon, and you will like it Mon. New poll shows 10% of troops WILL NOT re-enlist if the current policy is replaced by Obama’s immorality policy.  So let’s piss off 10% of our troops so that less than .005% or however many queers serve in the military can be openly immoral?

As has been so elequently written over at Ace of Spades (I’m not wooooooorthy to even link there):  

“But here is the fact: Homosexuality is considered sinful by many religious people, and religious men make up a great percentage of the services. Furthermore, the military promises, among other things, to make real men out of its recruits, and for most people — not just the religious — male homosexuality is considered effeminate.

“People can argue (as they frequently do) as to whether those beliefs should be. But while we argue about what should be, we can’t lose site of what actually is.

“A great many progressive liberals find fault with this policy and they desire a military that embraces people’s various sexual lifestyles in an open, respectful way. Unfortunately, a great many progressive liberals have absolutely no desire to serve in the military — whether don’t ask, don’t tell is the law or not — which means that the military will continue recruiting from a population which does not share the enlightened, humane, pro-homosexuality goo-goo of the progressive liberals.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell makes military service less attractive to gays and progressive liberals. But they, largely, are not inclined to serve in any event. Repealing the code makes service less attractive to traditionalists and, yes, conservatives (as well as blacks and Hispanics) who tend to be liberal on many issues but not particularly progressive about homosexuality) who actually are inclined to serve.

“One can argue about the fairness but those actually willing to join the club ought to have some say in its rules. Those unwilling to join should have far less a say.

“If Gleen Grenwald and other humane, compassionate, forward-thinking liberals announce their intention to sign up in great enough numbers to offset the losses among the current cohort of recruits, fine, we can dispense with the issue of how this policy affects the military’s actual purpose — to fight and win wars. And then we can have the debate solely on the grounds the liberals wish to have it on, on the questions of fairness and dignity and openness to diverse sexual orientations. And other gay shit of this nature.

“But somehow I doubt that any such large-scale pledge to serve will be forthcoming.”



2 responses to “Obama to do away with “don’t ask don’t tell” = Piss off our warriors to salve the conscience of pacifist girly-men who don’t serve anyway

  1. Thanks for bringing this up. I spoke to about 1/2 of the Transportation Unit that our daughter was attached to last weekend and they cannot believe that Obama would do such a thing. They tell me, men and women alike, that the LAST thing they need to know is if a battle buddy of your is looking at your ass, or whatever, during down times, on patrol or anywhere for that matter. The little Homos can just stay out of the military if they feel the need to show how great they are, and go to CA and march or burn buildings…

    Sure, they want to treat everyone the same but this “cummin out” party will only add animosity among the soldiers.
    Why is it that I find myself so far away from…HA HA I LOVE THIS…”Progressive Liberals”? I know, I don’t have to hide behind the government to let you know what I mean. PL is such a bullshit moniker, why not just tell the world you want the government to come in, shove a stick up your ass and make you another puppet in the world?

    Stay out of our military, stay out of our wallets and stay out of the woods, for there are people there with guns…and we know how to use them.

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    You’re Welcome !

    I know Jeremy or PL won’t like this, so don’t bother, you’re not real men anyway.

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