The Case FOR John McCain

OK, let me acknowledge up front:  I am NOT a John McCain fan.  I’m proud of our shared military service.  I have nothing but respect for anyone who survived POW abuse without selling out his/her country.  But I can take or leave the man – usually the later.

Then why write this blog, one may ask rhetorically?  Because, gentle reader, there is a case to be made for giving McCain another term in office.  Let me try to make it without biting my tongue clean off.

Republicans need some people who can move and shake, rock and roll.  While I like JD Hayworth (and believe him to be the superior ideological candidate), if the GOP can cause a movement in the political landscape as we hope they will in November they will need a big gun like McCain to make noise and drive messages home.

JD would sure enough be a political “flavor of the week”, much like Scott Brown was, if elected. However McCain can fill an auditorium with media with a single phone call. In the middle of his term.  And when his “dander is up” on an issue he is profoundly worrisome to the left side of the aisle.  It’s the type of voice the GOP will want and does need to oppose the screaming yellow liberals and their MSM co-conspirators.

Ideologically McCain is, well, f**king bi-polar.  Sometimes, as with HCR, he’s a voice social and fiscal conservatives are happy to have at their side.  Other times, such as his involvement with environmental and immigration issues, we wonder if he’s batting for the other team.  He can provoke madness trying to figure out WTF he really stands for, besides himself.  It seems that in alternating years he’s one political beast or the other.  And IMHO, that’s explainable inasmuch as I believe McCain(and for that matter Sen. Brow) is most often standing for his constituents.  Even when that doesn’t play right on the national stage.  And because of that, Arizonians have a tougher decision that it seems at first blush.

JD took some strong shots at McCain before stepping out from behind the microphone and rightfully s0 (John, WTF were you thinking consorting with Teddy would get you?).  And I don’t for a moment believe that if defeated McCain will go away.  JD would be the more consistent conservative voice, but there is a large block of AZ. voters who want representation on those socially “moderate” issues.  McCain does for better or worse represent those voters, JD less so. And even with a mic in hand, JD does not command the attention McCain does.

And for the record, I do believe Sarah Palin is doing the right thing in stumping for McCain.  She’s still be freezing her ass of in the Great White North had it not been his selection.  And his unfortunate use of her talents (and maybe poor preparation of her on the national stage) will continue to be subjects of discussion.  But I believe she owes him, and that standing by him in this election will earn her more political strength than weakness.  Unlike Obama, who would throw any of his supporters under the bus for his own selfish interests, Palin strengthens her political character as a trustworthy conservative standing with McCain.  But I also don’t expect her to stump for him again, win or lose.

Well those are my thoughts today.  We’d love to hear yours.

By Lipton T. Bagg

12 responses to “The Case FOR John McCain

  1. There would be a profound problem with the reelection of John McCain. To set an example for other Republicans, he needs to be replaced. For his own sake, he needs to be replaced. Whatever benefits we might gain from McCain’s experience and star quality, we will lose by tolerating his oath breaking.

    Oath breaking by a public official is criminal. What is John McCain’s crime? When McCain cosponsored campaign finance reform, he betrayed his oath of office. That bill clearly violated the First Amendment. We should not allow McCain the opportunity to betray us and the Constitution again.

    When we talk about crime, the subject of punishment will eventually arise. At that point someone will get tearful and bring up rehabilitation. “Punishment is so awful and mean,” they will say. “Surely it would be better if we just rehabilitated the offender.” Unfortunately, rehabilitation by itself does not work. In fact, unless the offender suffers the consequences of his action, we have not even begun the rehabilitation process.

    Instead of reelecting McCain for his star quality, Arizonians should consider something more important, the state of that man’s soul. They should begin his rehabilitation. If McCain is punished, perhaps then he will begin to feel remorse.

  2. I admire Palin’s loyalty. McCain to me is a foxhole conservative. When he has to battle a conservative in the primary, he acts all conservative on us. Then for the next six years he is the NYT’s favorite Republican. I want his and Charlie Crist to just go away… From what little I’ve heard, I think J. D. is Presidential timber if he gets some more experience.

  3. Unfortunately for Sarah Palin, she keeps invoking the name of John McCain every where she speaks. It’s very unfortunate because she loses supporters every time she utters his name. I also admire her loyalty, but sadly it’s misplaced. Personally, I think she needs to take a break for a while because the more she talks the worse it gets.

    Kind of like our governor, Mark Sanford. After he confessed to the affair, he should have kept his mouth shut. I still admire his political chops, but he has alienated his political base by continually talking about his “soul mate”.

  4. MrG: I have kin in law down near Irmo, SC. Many fond memories of visiting there at Thanksgiving, golfing in the early morn, then watching football and gorging. And nice bass.

  5. Trying to recall where Irmo was. Now I remember passing it on my way to the VA hospital in Columbia. It’s about three hours from me. I live in Lake and Mountain country. Good golfing and fishing here too.

  6. OT…Since Clemson was knocked out…Go Blue Devils!!!

  7. OT…Duke wins…Duke wins!!!

    On a side note, I e-mailed the person I’m voting for in our congressional district, Jeff Duncan. I told him about agreeing with some of his values and the fact that he would be getting my vote. I also told him We would be watching him. I believe he’ll most likely win.

  8. Get. Rid. Of Lindsey Graham. TYIA.

  9. I hope everyone recognized I was not seeking to left up McCain, rather to show one side of the discussion as to why he can still be useful.

    I don’t know if JD is presidential timber or not, but he the vastly superior ideologue, and the man I would vote for if I had the vote to cast.

    But the discussion applies to others in Congress as well. Some, like Graham, need to go at all costs. McCain, well, it’s a superior option to another Obamacrat but it’s settling for less.

    And after a year, I find we as Conservatives need to stop thinking like this:

    “…If McCain is punished, perhaps then he will begin to feel remorse…”

    And more like this:

    “…I voted for JD because he was the right person, with the right ideals, for the job…”. This is the thought process I am hoping Conservatives will adopt moving forward – the “Party of Yes” mentality.

  10. HAHA!

    Lipton said: “..I hope everyone recognized I was not seeking to left up McCain, rather to show one side of the discussion as to why he can still be useful…”.

    That should have been “lift up”. LOL on “left up” – guess that was a “Freudian slip”….

  11. Unfortunately, Lindsey “amnesty” Graham isn’t up for reelection this go round. If he was, you can be assured he wouldn’t be reelected. Everyone who calls into talk radio around here are fed up with LG and most people you ask on the street nearly spit in your face when you bring up his name. He’s not very well liked around these parts. Guess that’s why he moved.

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