Daily Archives: March 4, 2010

Holder’s “Al-Qaeda 7” Attorneys another reason to hate President Obama?

The man gives us on the right so many good reasons to hate him, is this another? From what I’ve seen, no, it isn’t.  So he appointed nine attorneys who previously represented terrorists, big deal.  And yes, the Obama Administration should have released their names without being forced to do so.  Trying to hide their identities was a dumb stunt to pull, because it made it appear as though they had something to hide.  But now we know their names.  So get over it.

As President Obamster says, “Let me be perfectly clear” on this point:  The fact that lawyers previously represented terrorists is no more reason to disqualify them for public service than if they previously represented evil Big Corporations, such as Philip Morris or Walmart.  [No, wait, in the eyes of progressives and librulz, that would disqualify them.  But we on the right are better than that, aren’t we?]

The lawyers who represent criminals do not represent them because they support crime, they represent them because they support our system of justice.  So too those who represented alleged members of al-Qaeda do not support their beliefs but our beliefs in the right to a fair trial and the right to a lawyer.  Our system of justice depends on lawyers vigorously advocating for the rights of criminals to receive a fair trial.  I couldn’t do it–I’m more of a “try ’em and fry ’em” kind of lawyer–but somebody has to do it.  And to seek to disqualify lawyers for simply doing their jobs because we don’t like who they represented is plain stupid.  Oppose the Obama Administration and Attorney General Holder when they are wrong, not merely for the sake of opposing them.

How can you tell when a liberal is losing an argument?

He starts calling his opponent a certain word.  Hint: there are five A’ s  in this word.

Other helpful questions for Mr. Ratagain:  Do you enjoy killing  puppies?  Why are all Tea Partiers Jew-haters? Why haven’t you officially renounced NAZI-ism and condemned Hitler?

p.s.  The most pathetic part about this video is that liberal bloggers are holding this up as some sort of heroic act by Dildoe Dylan RATagain.