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On the liberation of not taking shit

I have a confession.  I don’t like taking shit. From anybody. I’m human. I’ve taken shit. From lot’s of people. But it sucks. You know it. I know it. Lately though, I just have refused to do it. 

A few weeks ago, I had been playing poker with this fat fuck who kept needling me, for about a year. I’m sure he is a nice guy, really. But for some reason, like the school yard bully, he thought that he could keep needling me, insulting me, treating me with disrespect, because he out-weighs me by 100 lbs., give or take a gross of twinkies. One night, after some same-old same-old give and take, I had enoough, and, long story short, Continue reading

On the Gutlessness of Social Conservatives

Obligatory bathing suit pic: Carrie Prejean

Too often social conservatives are afraid to speak up and call sin “sin” when they see it. 

I presume something like this goes through their thought process, because something like this goes through mine, too:  “I don’t want to condemn pre-marital sex, or extra-marital sex, because, hell, many a few of my buddies do it, and I don’t want to alienate them.  And since I don’t want to alienate them, I can’t very well single out homosexuals for criticism.  Besides, I just want to get along with everybody.  I want linky-love from all the cool kids out there, I want to be part of the “in crowd.”  I do not want to be considered “square” (is that even a word any more?) or a religious fanatic.  Who uses the word “sin” except religious fanatics?  Besides, all the polls show that those under thirty are increasingly tolerant of homosexuality and bisexuality and any other form of immorality.  And those dudes on “Queer Eye” seem so cool!” 

“Besides, If Republicans remain the party of right and wrong, they will be condemned to be the minority party.   And damn, I hate being called a bigot and a homophobe and intolerant! And gee, it is in vogue to be a “social libertarian”–who cares if society falls apart so long as all my friends think I’m cool?   Oh, yeah, have I mentioned that I’m not perfect, either? And there is that old admonition, “Judge not, lest you also be judged…”

Whew. Have I touched on enough reasons to flee any discussion about homosexuality?  Apparently something like this is effecting the social cons out there, because most are silent when it comes to opposing the incessant onslaught by those who seek to legitimize homosexual behavior. 

If you are a social con and you have been similarly cowed into silence for these or other reasons, I have this to say:  Grow a pair. Continue reading

John Kerry: Lift ban on homosexuals donating blood, or “How can I f#ck up America even more?”

Pink blood for thee but not for me! When I need blood, I'll have Teresa buy me some safe blood!

From Fox News:  [Noted scientist and Medical Doctor] “Sen. John Kerry called on the government Thursday to abolish a “discrimi natory” law that bars homosexual men in the U.S. from donating blood, saying “not a single piece of scientific evidence supports the ban.”

Wrong, Lurch, the tests aren’t 100% accurate! A site called “The Body: The complete HIV/AIDS resource” says this:  “Antibody test results for HIV are accurate more than 99.5% of the time.”  How many people want to take a chance of killing themselves 1/2 times out of a hundred?  To illustrate, come play Russian Roulette with my .357 magnum.  I’ll only put a bullet in the cylinder once every 33 spins.  6 possible chambers each time you pull the trigger.  6 x 33 roughly equals 200.  So you would have “only” a 1 out of 200 chance of killing yourself.  Anybody want to try it?  Go ahead, punk, make my day!  I’ll even video-tape it and make you a posthumous star on “Youtube.”   

 John Doe has met a woman who was falsely told that she had tested positive for AIDS, and a man who developed AIDS after having been given a blood transfusion containing HIV. Anecdotal evidence, I know, but who has not heard horror stories of botched medical tests?

The same site (“The Body”) also claims that it can take 3-6 months

I did not know that!

before the body has produced enough antibodies to effectively show up on an HIV/AIDS test.   In other words, the carrier might donate blood before it is possible to detect that he/she is infected.  But their blood in turn could still kill somebody. 

An honest homosexual will realize that his own destructive lifestyle should disqualify him from giving blood.  Here is an excellent article, written by a self-professed homosexual male, that points out the dangers of allowing homosexual males to donate blood.   Continue reading

John Doe has been truly insulted, hurt beyond measure

Charles Johnson Wanna be, not to be confused with Fred Flintstone

When you’ve been called out for having a “bad haircut” by this fat f#ck who obvious ly knows bad haircuts, what could be worse? 

Being called “retard” by a guy who owns the retard look!