Daily Archives: March 8, 2010

I want some of these

Dan Riehl sucks

Real Riehl bad. Glen Beck allegedly misquotes a George Washington quote (that’s not my point whether it was said by George Washington).  So according to asshat Dan, here is Dan Reihl Sucks’ conclusion:

“We need to reject demagogy in all its forms. And if Beck can’t clean up his act given all his resources, then we have to reject him. No agenda will prevail to good effect with an ignorant buffoon leading the effort.”

No room for honest mistake.  No room for notifying Beck’s staff and informing them of the error. Nope.  Dan immediately attacks like the “Little Green Footballs” Wannabe” that he is.  Now, normally I would counsel cutting Dan some slack if it had been an honest mistake on his part. But this is a deliberate attack on a guy who should be an ally of all conservatives.  Over something that should be a molehill.  This exposes that piece of sh!t for what he is.  Never again will I voluntarily read a word Riehl writes.  If I wanted to read Charles Johnson or Mehgan McCain I would go directly to their blog sites.  Why bother with a cheap immitation?

UPDATE: What does John Doe do when called a retard with a bad haircut by Charles Johnson Jr.?  Why, he doubles down of course!

UPDATE II:  The Classic Liberal gets it!  Well said!  That’s what I was trying to say when I so un-diplomatically lost my head towards Charles Johnson Jr. , er Dan Riehl.   He was just the latest in a  host of pinheads who attack fellow conservatives.  Just stop!