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Smash Mouth Temporarily Closed

Off to do some investigative journalism.  Question: Do they still have good old fashioned Irish wakes for an old jouralist of Hungarian extraction up in mid-Michigan?  And maybe even this: Are the Texas Hold ’em games any good on the nearest Indian reservation?  And remotely possible, even this: How is the snow on the slopes at Boyne Mountain?  These questions and more should be answered at least by Wednesday, March 2.

Jeb Bush (as Scarecrow): If I only weren’t a Bush

(Jeb Bush)
I could wile away the hours
Conferrin’ with the flowers
Sittin in the Oval Office on my Tush
And my head I’d be scratchin’
While my thoughts were busy hatchin’
If I only weren’t a Bush!

I’d unravel any riddle
For any individ’le
In trouble or in pain

(Sarah Palin)
With the thoughts you’d be thinkin’
You could be another Lincoln
If you only weren’t a Bush!

(Jeb Bush)
Oh, I could tell you “Read my lips”
And tell you “Mission Accomplished” after all my trips
But my blood line is the rub, I’m related to The Shrub, I belong to a Country Club

I would not be just a nuffin’
My head all full of stuffin’
Conservatives against me wouldn’t push
I would dance and be merry
Life would be a ding-a-derry
If I only weren’t a Bush!

John McCain, weathervane?

John McCain is a dick.  He would have been only marginally better than Obama, and that is saying something, because Obama is the worst President since Jimmy Carter. But nevertheless, we have found a good use for him.  He inadvertently tells us who the “Establishment Tools” are by those Republicans who endorse him. 


Sarah Palin, Sen. “Traitor” Brown, Mitt Romney, and most recently Gov. Bob McDonnell.  Who didn’t expect Brown to endorse him, if not his Democrat rival.  And Mitt, we knew some pretty-boy from Massachussetts must be just playing a conservative on T.V.  But Palin? And now, et tu Bobbay?

The Republican Establishment does this to us every damn time.  When we have a viable conservative and a RINO or back-stabbing conservative lite in a primary–any primary–they always go for the latter over the former.  That’s fine, I like to know who my enemies are ahead of time.  Good luck earning my vote next time, Sarah, Mitt and Bob, unless you are running against somebody even worse. I’ll take a real conservative over a pretend or a part-time conservative any day.

Glenn Beck is Right

Rush Glenn Beck is right.  To the extent that Rush and William  Bennett and Mark “The Great One” Levin chastised Glenn Beck for his CPAC speech, they are wrong, Glenn is right. 

I get the dissenters’ point, there is a difference between Democrats and Democrat Lites Republicans. And we ought to applaud Democrat Lites Republicans on those rare occasions when they appear to have grown a pair of actual working gonads.   Yes, they have been standing firm as one group, the last line of defense between the status quo and insanity.  But it has only been since the elections which ushered in Obama and the Democrat majorities in the House and Senate. 

I, like Glenn, do not believe that the Democrat Lites Republicans suddenly got religion and became changed legislators.  They have merely shifted tactics for awhile.   I don’t think that the majority of them have learned a damn thing. They are doing their damnest to do whatever it takes to get back into power, and then they will resume screwing the American public.

So, yeah, I guess we should give them kudos for standing up to the Democrats on those rare occasions.  But for crying out loud, don’t trust the bastards.  Heck, it doesn’t take political courage to stand up to ObamaCare right now, it takes courage to support it in the face of mass opposition by the voters.  The Democrat legislators are the ones with the convictions, and the Republicans are the (generally–not talking about some of you, and you know who you are) spineless opportunists.  This is America, land of the free and home of the brave! We deserve better than spineless (and gonadless opportunists who will stab us in the back the first chance that they get.  Never forget that.

Obama’s “Bipartisanship”–yer doin it wrong

When President Obama uses the word “bipartisanship” what he really means is for Republicans to sit down, shut up and wait while the Democrats write the bill, and then for Republicans to vote to enact the bill.  He uses it like a club to try to shame a few idiot Republicans such as Susan Collins or Olympia Snowe or Scott Brown to vote for the bill. 

I found an excellant article via Real Clear Politics written by Scott Hennessy which compares and contrasts how George W. Bush successfully enacted legislation with bipartisan support with how Obama, Pelosi and Reid failing to do so now.  Mr. Hennessy worked for President Bush for six plus years and knows what he is talking about.  I’m quoting extensively from his article, not so readers don’t have to read his article, but to entice them to go read the entire article.   If I just cited the title, “What can President Obama learn from President Bush’s bipartisan success?” you might think “boring” and not go read it.  Excellant article.  Here are some of his points: Continue reading

HOT AIR GATE! Ed Morrisey’s email hacked, caught discussing next year’s CPAC Convention with head of NAMBLA

Hot Air was recently sold by Goddess Michelle, none too soon it appears.  In a ClimateGate-type heist, a thief, or a whistle blower, purloined   obtained an e-mail exchange that Ed Morrissey had after the 2010 CPAC Convention with the President of Nambla.  In an exclusive, Smash Mouth Politics has obtained a copy and is publishing them for the first time.  Please withhold any judgment of the situation until you read the 4 pages in their entirety.  They have been cut and pasted to be in chronological order, so you are reading them from first to last.  Apparently this brewhaha arose after Ed Morrissey wrote a column supporting the inclusion of GOPride to the 2010 CPAC  Convention, and now, predictably, NAMBLA wants in on the action next year.  See Ed’s articlesupporting the invite to GOProud here, and another here by some person called “REPUBLICAN” after the Convention. Continue reading

How to fix American government

End gerrymandering of voter districts.  Mandate that all districts have as equal as possible the number of Democrat voters as Republican voters.  

I wish I could remember where I got this idea, sometime in the last couple of weeks, but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes.  Ask yourself, why do we tend to have extremists, both liberal and conservative, as our political representatives in government?  Because most districts have been cooked so that one side or the other has a huge advantage.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, second in line to ascend to King Emperor Obama’s throne, was elevated to that position by virtue of representing a district that is crazy liberal.  On the other side, Rep. Eric Cantor represents a district that would sooner undergo full body cavity searches before boarding planes than elect a liberal Democrat.  The system is broke. 

“Call your Congressman” only works when your Congressman might actually give a hoot what you have to say.  If you are in the vast minority, either as a conservative in Speaker Pelosi’s district, or as a liberal in Rep. Cantor’s district, you are, not to be too cliché–shit out of luck. I happen to be a staunch conservative who lives in Cantor’s district, so this is not just sour grapes. 

Make the bastards earn our votes.  I would rather live in a district that is close to 50-50 Democrats and Republicans. First, it would be much easier to throw the bums out.  The country would be much better off without all these professional politicians who stay in Washington and in the state capitals for decades.  We would not need term limits so desperately, since every election would be hotly contested. 

Second, it would make the representatives more responsive to “We, The People.”  Instead of coasting to victory with no primary opposition, and developing the attitude that they could care less about what their constituents thought, our elected officials would be forced to scramble for each and every vote.  They might actually care what we think.

Third, it will lead to more bipartisanship.  If all districts are competitive, politicians can not just pander to their extremist base, they will have to garner at least some support from the other side in order to get elected, or at least not take too extreme a position. 

Fourth, it will increase voter participation.  How many times have we all been to the polls and cast a vote that was essentially worthless, either because our candidate was a shoo-in, or had zero chance of winning.  With competitive districts, all votes matter.

Moderates should love this idea.  As it is, we have very few moderates as representatives, at least at the federal level.  When districts are so lopsided one side or the other it leads to more liberal or more conservative representatives being elected, period.  Moderates would have more say, and more actual moderate representatives. 

Conservatives should like this idea.   America is a center-right nation on most issues.  If all districts are close to 50-50 Democrat to Republican in composition, conservative values will win out.  No, not ultra-conservative values, but conservative values. We will have to actually work to convince a majority of voters to accept our ultra-conservative values, and many times we shall fail.  But at least we would have a fighting chance in every district.   As it is, we only have a chance in the conservative districts.  Don’t know about you, but I would rather take my chances in a scenario where all districts are competitive than I would where at least in half of the districts conservative ideas don’t have a chance of even being considered. 

Hmmm. Who might not benefit as much by changing the system and having the make up of voters in districts approximately equal between Democrats and Republicans?  Liberals.  But so what? Only approximately 20% of Americans consistently self-identify themselves as liberals.  Under the current system, the liberals have way too much power commensurate with the percentage of self-professed liberal voters nationwide.  Under the current system, moderate or slightly conservative Democrat representatives are forced to take their marching orders from Pelosi.

What do you think? Go ahead and comment.

LipDub worth wasting 3 mins of your life watching

Epic win.  Glad to see the youth putting their energy and brain power into something positive. It put a smile on my face!

This is your deficit on crack

Bush was a drunken sailor.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid are crack heads on steroids.

Any Questions?

The chart was published in the Washington Post March 21, 2009.  They had this response after the CBO compared its own projected deficits with those projected by the White House:

“In the first independent analysis, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded that President Obama’s budget would rack up massive deficits even after the economy recovers, forcing the nation to borrow nearly $9.3 trillion over the next decade.”

Remember, Bush’s deficits included the two wars and 9/11, and he had his own crash early on in his first term after Bubba’s internet bubble burst.  Here’s an excellant article from the Heritage Foundation about how bad BushII was, and how worse Obama is. 

Old news, but worth keeping in mind why we are fighting.

Democrats keep shoveling deeper into the healthcare hole

Shhhh.  Don’t alert them to what most intelligent people already know: if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.  E.J. Dionne wrote another dumb ass article advising Obama and the Democrats to keep fighting for healthcare and pass legislation or President Obama “will have a miserable time for the rest of his term.”

But the real story for me is a comment made by someone at the end of Dionne’s article.  It is so sweet that I wish I had written it:

“I have awakened again today with a renewed sense of outrage at how far we have come from a representative form of government. Democrats…you have temporary legislative majorities and control of the executive branch. You earned that in the elections of 2008 and 2006. These majorities are however not a mandate for every bit of socialist crazy you can envision. The electorate have told you to reconsider your actions every way short of violence. Your poll numbers and support for your proposals are plunging. You must see health care reform as being so important to be done your way that you are willing to close the doors, make corrupt “deals” and ram it through with parliamentary tactics rather than listen to the people who want you to start from scratch with new ideas. You are hopelessly addicted to spending what we do not have for something we do not want. The spring thaw is coming, and with it millions of Americans in the streets protesting as they have never done before. Stop asking more from us when you cannot control yourselves. Americans will not be your tax serfs, and the fragile bonds of a polite society hang in the balance.”

The Republicans are the stupid ones.  They won.  What they ought to do is exactly nothing.  Don’t show up at Obama’s “summit.”  That’s like the New Orlean Saints going back onto the field after time expired because the Colts dared them to keep playing another two quarters after the Super Bowl ended.  Don’t do it. It’s a twwwaaaappp!