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Lipton T. Bagg has become a contributing author at Smash Mouth Politics

This is NOT Lipton T. Bagg

Lipton T. Bagg, famed author of the blog “Viewed From the Right,” has graciously accepted an offer to post here.  If asked why, he probably would reply that the money is good, but we know that he is really doing it for the hot chicks.  Babes love conservative bloggers…

GOP Succeeds At Sending Reconciliation Bill Back To House

That’s right – make the bastards vote for it again.  After the gas BBQ line broke, after the bricks in the windows, and after the casket on the front lawn.  Please, go ahead, vote for that piece of shit again.  I love watching masochists in action.

The Republicans will only get a couple shots at this – at best.  And each time they have the opportunity to strip something out, or force another CBO scoring – which will piss people off even more.  Additionally, I believe if they strip out reconciliation measures there will be some Dem defections.  All we need is a couple and it’s another small step in the right direction.

The follow-up health care bill being considered by the Senate will have to return to the House for final congressional approval, after the Senate parliamentarian determined that two Republican challenges will succeed in stripping out language in the package.

A senior Senate Republican leadership aide told Fox News that Democrats had tried to improve the cost of the bill while simultaneously piling on Pell grants “without mandating the spending.” The aide said Democrats claimed the grants would increase, but were relying on a “future Congress” to find the funding.

“They can’t do that,” the aide said. “This was one of 100 gimmicks used to keep the score down.”

By Lipton T. Bagg

Breaking News: Dems Approve Viagra For Sex Fiends!

Oh people, this is getting just too good!  Care of foxnews.com:

“By 57-42, Democrats rejected an amendment by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., barring federal purchases of Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs for sex offenders. Coburn said it would save millions, while Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., called it “a crass political stunt.”

I can’t wait to see this come up again as elections roll around as Dem candidates will be sh*tting bricks.  Imagine something like this on the campaign trail:

Constituent:  “Senator, why did you approve erectile medications for registered sex offenders?”

Senator:  “Well, I wouldn’t say it like that, it was more a case of extending prescription drug benefits to the underprivileged….”

Constituent:  “Senator, what the hell do you mean underprivileged?  How can you call a man who sexually abuses a child…”

Senator:  “Well, but it’s OK because you see, we have now provided that poor abused child health care until she turns 26.  It’s all good…”

Dumb-ass Dems falling for the same traps dumb-ass Republicans did when they lost their grip on Congress.  I’ve been a VERY vocal critic of GOP tactics in the past few years, but I must give credit where credit is due – I like what they are trying to do now. Conservatives have a limited arsenal until (hopefully) November, so I hope they can make every shot count.

By Lipton T. Bagg

Ed Schultz wants the Government to take over radio stations

Know thy enemy.  From The Radio Equalizer.

And must read from Newsbusters: The Media Myth of Right Wing Violence.

More musings on the alleged snipped gas line…

This is an excellant comment following an excellant article at Sistertoldjah:  

“I read on The Richmond Times Dispatch the cut propane gas line in question was to an outdoor grill, which means it was most likely a propane bottle line. Why would someone go through the trouble of trespassing and risk being arrested just to sneak into someones backyard and cut something the person might not even use and find out about until Memorial Day?”

“This sounds fishy to me.”

“…most people turn the valve on the tank off after using their grill, but even if the valve was off the tank would bleed dry in minutes, so the homeowner would not only have to be home, but pretty much right on the back deck or patio with the perp when he cut the line to smell the gas or even hear it leaking.”

“Not saying Perriello’s brother wasn’t a victim of some dumbass, just saying, this just doesnt sound right to me.”

A liberal thug (probably an SEIU member) poured water into my boat’s gas tank

When I tried to start my boat last spring, it wouldn’t fire.  Ten bottles of dry gasoline later, it was finally noted that the tank had gallons of water in with the gasoline.  It all had to be drained and it ruined our first hoped-for family trip to Lake Anna. 

This Rep. Tom Perriello snipped gas line crap made me remember it, and I also to remember that I neglected to blame anybody for it.  Big mistake. See how much publicity I could have gotten?  You know it had to be a liberal who did it.   (It had to be.  I’m a notorious rabble-rouser who deserved it, you liberals are probably thinking.)  And wasn’t that about the time when Obama told union members to get back into our faces?  Perhaps not, but it could have been.   

I also think that I saw Va. State Sen. Donald McEachin drive by my house last night and yell racial epithets at me.   Must have been him–who else would do such a thing?  If it really happened, and I wasn’t instead in a drunken stupor and imagining such things.   Or just making it up.

Oh, no! Another website that lists Congressman Tom Perriello’s address!

What is this world coming to?   Call the F.B.I.

Behind the scenes look at Democratic leaders meeting with FBI, Captital Police and the House Sergeant at Arms

Smash Mouth Exlusive!!  Politico is reporting that Democrat leaders are scared of recent threats made against them:

“Several other Democrats have had threats leveled against them, prompting a closed-door briefing of Democratic members by the FBI, Capitol Police and the House Sergeant at Arms.” 

Smash Mouth Politics has inside information about what went on inside the meeting!  Continue reading