Daily Archives: March 22, 2010

Brick thrown through democratic headquarters in NY

What do you call two bricks thrown through the windows of democratic head quarters?  A good start.  Somewhere there is a hero or two in New York.  Do I advocate doing likewise elsewhere? Only if you can get away with it.  Stimulate the economy, send a message, and make democrats use their money fixing windows instead of buying votes.  What a stroke of genius that person or persons had. 

Graffiti is also an option for those of you who are more artistically inclined.  Those in more rural areas might want to opt for a dump truck of horse shit piled in front of the door.  Those in the city might try a quart bottle of Schlitz Malt Liquor filled with piss instead and smashed on the sidewalk out front.  Use  your imagination, people.  Be creative.  Prizes and medals will be awarded. Just be safe.  Photos–and free whining– from halfempty

Hell, put that brick up for auction on ebay, I'd pay good $ for it