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SJC Americans Fighting Socialism In Their Community

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Folks, if you are not doing this, or helping someone do this in your own hometown, you are giving Libs an opportunity to dig in like ticks!

The Brown and SJC Americans are a great template for home-spun community action.  Here is what they are up against this month:  City sanctioned parking areas for areas supporting over-saturated multi-family dwellings (thing 3 families living in a single 1 bedroom apartment). The city proposes to pay for this with local taxes or property tax dollars.

SJC Americans:

Good Evening Patriots!

Just wanted to bring to your attention an agenda item for tomorrow night’s meeting at 6:30 at City Hall.

If you have ever wondered what impact the Redevelopment Agency has on our City, this will be an eye opener.  The CRA, as it’s called, invokes eminent domain, REQUIRES the City to provide Affordable Housing and acts as a slush fund for the City Council.

In this case, item D1 on the CRA agenda is entitled “Downtown Global Parking Strategy”.  Does that sound like something our “village” of 35,000 needs?  Have you read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand?  Socialism!  The City plans on taking parking from private property owners and then “sharing” it with other properties.

Current Council Member and former Mayor Mark Nielsen states  “Part of the essence of a small town is its ultimate sense of the extended family. At times some of the family may have to give in order to benefit the larger family.”  WOW!

Please consider expressing your view on this subject, either by speaking out at the City Council meeting or writing to the Council at  Even if you do not live in San Juan Capistrano, this concept may be coming to your City sooner than you think.

Unfortunately, we will not be here to attend but we hope some or many of you will take a stand against globalization of anything!


Lipton T. Bagg Leaves Left Coast Resistance, Heads To Gulf Course To “Manage” BP Spill Coverage


I hereby, and with great regret, submit my resignation from the Left Coast Resistance, effective 01 August, 2010.  I have accepted a position in the Gulf Coast area, so I will be able to witness and report first-hand on the effects of the BP oil contamination and government (mis)handling thereof.

As a lifelong left coast resident (military service notwithstanding) I have witnessed the highs and lows of life in what I consider the most beautiful state in America, California.  It saddens me to see what she has become in the hands of incompetent Liberals and to a lesser extent, RINOs. However, I am leaving her in the most capable of hands…

Our vaunted Left Coast resistance team is strong, vibrant and carrying the truth to the people. With the help of The War Planner, Joy McCann @ Little Miss Attila, Opus #6 @ MAinfo, Tim @ Left Coast RebelOdie @ The WoodstermanClifton@ Another Black ConservativeLilac Sunday and the many others not listed, I have no doubt California CAN again be the shining star she once was.

Please don’t forget our community based teams such as SJC Americans! The Browns and their team in southern Orange County, CA. are fighting hard to keep their community safe and right-minded.  SJC Americans is a great example of successful community activism, and an excellent template for those who are currently on the sidelines thinking “we can’t make a difference”.


My blog will NOT be going away (apologies to our regular list of mindless Liberal trolls) nor will I quit writing with JD, Mike and yes, even our resident Liberal Fossil Gramps (we love ya, Ol’ Man!).  You will however notice a change in focus with my articles once I get settled into my Gulf Coast offices.   I will be blogging on some regional issues,  Marco Rubio’s candidacy (as there is a very good chance I will be working a bit with his campaign) to go along with national issues.  My heart remains in California – at least the California I used to know – and I will continue to support our Left Coast Resistance from afar.

With kind regards and gratitude,
Lipton T. Bagg

John Doe Returns!

I received an email from John today saying Ms. Doe is releasing him from confinement soon.  He appears to have enjoyed his time away from the rage of the Blogosphere, but his man-love for Gramps was so strong he had to return.

Besides, we are almost to 1 MILLION HITS!


DOJ Files Suit Against Arizona Over SB1070

The U.S. Justice Department on Tuesday filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Arizona’s new law targeting illegal immigrants, setting the stage for a clash between the federal government and the state over the nation’s toughest immigration crackdown.

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Phoenix argues that Arizona’s law requiring state and local police to question and possibly arrest illegal immigrants during the enforcement of other laws such as traffic violations usurps federal authority.

“In our constitutional system, the federal government has pre-eminent authority to regulate immigration matters,” the lawsuit says. “This authority derives from the United States Constitution and numerousacts of Congress. The nation’s immigration laws reflect a careful and considered balance of national law enforcement, foreign relations, and humanitarian interests.”

The government is seeking an injunction to delay the July 29 implementation of the law until the case is resolved. It ultimately wants the law declared invalid.

The government contends that the Arizona law violates the supremacy clause of the Constitution, a legal theory that says federal laws override state laws. It is already illegal underfederal law to be in the country illegally, but Arizona is the first state to make it a state crime and add its own punishment and enforcement tactics.

State Sen. Russell Pearce, the principal sponsor of the bill co-sponsored by dozens of fellow Republican legislators, denounced the lawsuit as “absolute insult to the rule of law” as well as to Arizona and its residents.

“It’s outrageous and it’s clear they don’t want (immigration) laws enforced. What they want is to continue their non-enforcement policy,” Pearce said. “They ignore the damage to America, the cost to our citizens, the deaths” tied to border-related violence.

State Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, a Phoenix Democrat who opposes the law, said the suit should help settle questions over what states can do when they don’t think federal laws are being adequately enforced.

“I hope this galvanizes Congress to gain the moral courage they need to address this (immigration) crisis,” Sinema said.

Tuesday’s action has been expected for weeks. President Barack Obama has called the state law misguided. Supporters say it is a reasonable reaction to federal inaction on immigration.

Gov. Jan Brewer’s spokesman called the decision to sue “a terribly bad decision.”

“Arizona obviously has a terrible border security crisis that needs to be addressed, so Gov. Brewer has repeatedly said she would have preferred the resources and attention of the federal government would be focused on that crisis rather than this,” spokesman Paul Senseman said.

Three of the five Democrats in Arizona’s congressional delegation, who are facing tough re-election battles, had also urged Obama not to try to block the law from going into effect.

Republican Sens. Jon Kyl and John McCain of Arizona also lashed out at the administration’s decision, saying “the American people must wonder whether the Obama Administration is really committed to securing the border when it sues a state that is simply trying to protect its people by enforcing immigration law.”

The law requires officers, while enforcing other laws, to question a person’s immigration status if there’s areasonable suspicion that they are in the country illegally.

Arizona passed the law after years of frustration over problems associated with illegal immigration, includingdrug trafficking and violent kidnappings. The state is the biggest gateway into the U.S. for illegal immigrants, and is home to an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants.

Obama addressed the Arizona law in a speech on immigration reform last week. He touched on one of the major concerns of federal officials, that other states were poised to follow Arizona by crafting their own immigration enforcement laws.

“As other states and localities go their own ways, we face the prospect that different rules for immigration will apply in different parts of the country,” Obama said. “A patchwork of local immigration rules where we all know one clear national standard is needed.”

The law makes it a state crime for legal immigrants to not carry their immigration documents and bans day laborers and people who seek their services from blocking traffic on streets.

The law also prohibits government agencies from having policies that restrict the enforcement of federal immigration law and lets Arizonans file lawsuits against agencies that hinder immigration enforcement.

Arizona State University constitutional law professor Paul Bender said the federal government’s involvement throws a lot of weight behind the argument that federal law pre-empts Arizona’s measure.

“It’s important to have the federal government’s view of whether state law is inconsistent with federal law, and they’re the best people to say that,” Bender said.

Kris Kobach, the University of Missouri-Kansas City law professor who helped draft the Arizona law, said he’s not surprised by the Justice Department’s challenge but called it “unprecedented and unnecessary.”

He noted that the law already is being challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union and other groups opposed to the new statute.

“The issue was already teed up in the courts. There’s no reason for the Justice Department to get involved. The Justice Department doesn’t add anything by bringing their own lawsuit,” Kobach said in an interview.

Reported by LTB, care of AP

Real American Heroes – SJC Americans And Tony & Orrie Brown

Note to my East Coast readers:  In a post such as this I realize you may find local issues different from your own community.  What I wish to portray here is a group of people who love their country, and their community.  They saw things going the wrong direction and fought great odds to make a difference.  The Browns have paid a substantial personal and financial price to make these changes a reality, and to me they are the poster family for “We’re not going to accept wrong-minded leadership.”

I hope you will take time to read the post and visit their site.  I believe you will be as impressed with them as I am.



There’s an obscure quote I read from a few years back from a British Columbia legislator, Leonard Krog, which went something like:
“Leaders aren’t born, they’re developed.  And a true leader is a leader in every area of life…community leadership starts at home.”

It’s a great quote, and in succinct fashion defines where many maladies of todays society begin.  It has become far too fashionable for parents to leave stewardship of their children to teachers and others outside the home.  The same can be said of our political climate.  With the majority of voters practicing apostasy when it comes to the body Politic, it’s no wonder our government has become more covered in weeds than bountiful of harvest.

There are exceptions to this trend, and I had the pleasure of meeting two of them face to face about a month ago over lunch.  Tony and Orrie Brown are citizens who are making a difference in their community.  They are genuine people who love the community they live in, and are the epitome of leadership beginning at home.  Today, I’d like to introduce you to them.

The Browns are long time citizens of southern Orange County, California. Orrie attended school in the same city where they later raised their own children.  A few years ago they began to notice signs of neglect and blight within this quaint community.  They also began to notice that local politicians were not only turning a blind eye to the blight, but were in some cases aiding and abetting its advance for political expediency.  They saw bad signs.  They decided to begin fighting for the home they love.

The Browns and a few others who became interested in joining the fight started a loosely based community group called SJC Americans.  SJC Americans became dedicated to the fight against gangs in their community.  They took on ACORN-esque organizations which were receiving subsidies from city leaders while coaching illegal immigrants how to gain state and county benefits. They fought to better their community.  To change the political climate within their city.  To lead from home.

Along the way, they have been labeled as hateful, bigoted, racist and associated with other words we generally don’t repeat around children.  They have been threatened, publicly humiliated and humbled by their own mistakes.  But they have also been noticed by others who believe in doing the right thing.  And ultimately, they have been successful.  They have influenced local elections, and changed wrong minded policy.  They have achieved success in many of their endeavors.  The Browns feel they and other active citizens have made a difference within their community.  SJC Americans and the Browns have now earned the attention – and in some cases the support – of their city leaders.

These are real American heroes; and great examples of how America was meant to be: hands-on citizenship as defined by “government of the People, by the People and for the People”. To maintain their integrity, SJC Americans accepts no outside funding.  All fliers, signs and publications are paid for by the Browns, and a few other people who regularly contribute time and materials to the cause. SJC Americans does not seek to influence on a state or national level because they believe change is best effected at home.  It’s a good strategy.

Over lunch that Friday we met, I asked Tony what his vision for SJC Americans would be.  He told me of a hope to show others that community-based activism does work.  That through involvement and dedication to right minded causes, individuals can refocus government when it has gone astray.  That even seemingly insurmountable wrongs can be righted – when citizens stand up for their beliefs.  The Browns certainly know it’s not easy, but it can be done.  They hope others will learn of their efforts and perhaps find a way to effect changes in their own communities.

Finer examples of Americans I’ve not known in a long time.

I also invited the Browns to send me periodic updates of SJC American’s activities, and I will post them here, and selected posts to Smash Mouth Politics. We’d all appreciate your readership and comments.

SJC Americans website is:  They also publish a periodical flier, maintain a website, send email updates of activities and participate in community activities such as city government meetings and local rallies.

I have an video of their July 3, 2010 rally for you enjoyment as well.  We all look forward to your thoughts.


J. Christian Adams TO Testify On DOJ Dismissal Of New Black Panther Case

Continuing to prove racism exists on the darker side of the aisle as well.  It’s an affront to society to not slap these people down as if they were KKK or Skinheads.  The fact the criminals in this case are black should not be a consideration – because of course racism is defined as preferential (or detrimental) treatment based on race or ethnic background.

I hope Eric Holder and the “Colon-In-Chief” get their asses handed to them for sweeping this under the carpet.  With all the charges leveled and Tea Party participants and, well, anyone who dares disagree with Obama’s policies I cannot fathom how rote thuggery on the part of the New Black Panthers can go uninvestigated or unpunished.

A former Justice official who claims the administration backed off a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party for racial reasons is set to testify Tuesday before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

The testimony from J. Christian Adams, who resigned from the Justice Department last month in protest of the administration’s handling of the case, comes after he made a series of explosive allegations during an interview with Fox News last week. He said the administration abandoned an open-and-shut case of voter intimidation and that Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez gave false testimony before the commission in May.

Adams claims the administration has failed to prosecute non-whites when it comes to voting intimidation cases and that the New Black Panther incident demonstrates that.

“I don’t think the department or the fine people who work there are corrupt, but in this particular instance, to abandon law-abiding citizens and abet wrongdoers constitutes corruption,” Adams told Fox News.

The case stems from an incident on Election Day in 2008 in Philadelphia, where members of the New Black Panther Party were videotaped in front of a polling place, dressed in military-style uniforms and allegedly hurling racial slurs while one brandished a night stick.

The Bush Justice Department brought the first case against three members of the group, accusing them in a civil complaint of violating the Voter Rights Act. The Obama administration initially pursued the case, winning a default judgment in federal court in April 2009 when the Black Panther members did not appear in court. But then the administration moved to dismiss the charges the following month after getting one of the New Black Panther members to agree to not carry a “deadly weapon” near a polling place until 2012. The department boasted that justice had been served.

But Adams, the former administration lawyer, accused the Justice Department of not continuing the case for political and racial reasons.

Adams called the case “a slam dunk,” telling Fox News that “nobody thought there was any doubt that this was the clearest case of voter intimidation that I’ve seen since I’ve been practicing law.”

The Justice Department disagrees, saying it enforces voting rights laws equally. In a written statement, the department questioned the motives of Adams, now an attorney in Virginia and a blogger for Pajamas Media.

“It is not uncommon for attorneys with the department to have good faith disagreements about the appropriate course of action in a particular case, although it is regrettable when a former department attorney distorts the facts and makes baseless allegations to promote his or her agenda,” the statement said.

But Bartle Bull, who was a poll watcher in Philadelphia in 2008, doesn’t buy the Justice Department denials.

“I find it deeply offensive,” Bull said. “I know people who died over these issues, like Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. If we can’t defend their legacy, it’s shameful to us and this administration.”

Bull is a prominent New York Democrat and longtime political adviser. He was Robert F. Kennedy’s New York campaign manager, went to the south in the 1960s to protect the voting rights of black voters and just came back from Afghanistan where he traveled with the troops.

He says the administration’s actions amount to protecting the New Black Panthers.

“If Americans can’t vote honestly, and the government doesn’t protect their right to vote, we don’t live in a democracy. Last year Obama complained when the government in Afghanistan did not run the election properly. What about Pennsylvania?” he said, claiming the president “violated his oath of office.”

Bull has already testified before the Civil Rights Commission, and the commissioners also want to hear from Christopher Coates, the former chief of the Justice Department’s voting section who has since been transferred to the U.S. attorney’s office in South Carolina. But the commission claims the Justice Department is blocking Coates from testifying about why the case was dropped.

Bull said that in 2008, one of the Black Panthers turned to him and said “now you will know what it means to be ruled by the black man, cracker.”

The result of the Justice Department action, or lack of it, he said, is that “these guys now think it’s safe for them to bully voters and citizens. And that’s why the Department of Justice must stand up.”


July 4, 2010

I’m away from Casa de Lipton but wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July.

On behalf of John Doe, TMG, Gramps and myself may you all enjoy celebrating the creation of the greatest representative Republic on this planet.  I hope today you are enjoying the company and family and friends.  If away, we pray you arrive home safely and return to us tomorrow.

And once again, thank you for spending a few minutes of your day with us.  Please believe me, even if we disagree with you we cherish and appreciate your readership.

Yes Gramps, even you old man…

With Gratitude,

John Doe, The Mr. Guy, Gramps and LTB

Memo to Michael Steele: Just Resign!

I’ve been about as tolerant as anyone in the Blogosphere of Michael Steele. But his repeated gaffes and flaccid control of the RNC rudder now leads me to jump off the fence.

Michael Steele needs to go, and he needs to go ASAP.

Actually on reflection, I find many of the same weaknesses I chastise Obama for present in Steele.

He uses race as a crutch and a bludgeon.  He also uses it to defend his own ineptitude.  At first I thought this was inexperience, but I have now come to believe Steele indeed has a racial streak in him – and he can’t help but let it show.

  • He’s a weak leader, who cannot seem to inspire confidence among the party faithful.
  • If his list of “RNC-approved candidates” accurately reflects his political position, he’s more Statist than Conservative.  At very least, he has an insatiable love for “pet RINOs.”  Can you say “Dede Scozzafava?  Right, neither could I (without nausea)…
  • Steele’s inexperience as a leader on the national stage leads to a perpetual string on wrong-minded decisions on platform and party message .
  • Whether on or off-topic (or off teleprompter) the guy has terminal “foot in mouth” disease.  He is downright sophomoric in front of the press. And at times, more moron than sophomore.
  • All the above shortcoming work to repel, rather than attract, support for the RNC and its candidates – financial support inclusive.

Steele has many no-confidence votes within the party:

From Bill Kristol: “There are, of course, those who think we should pull out of Afghanistan, and they’re certainly entitled to make their case,” wrote Kristol, a consistent supporter of the Afghanistan war. “But one of them shouldn’t be the chairman of the Republican Party.”

Later in the same Weekly Standard column, Kristol specifically calls on Steele to step down immediately.

Liz Cheney called on Steele to resign, telling Politico in a statement that Steele’s comments were “deeply disappointing and wrong.”

“I endorse fully Bill Kristol’s letter to Chairman Steele,” she said. “It is time for Chairman Steele to step down.”

Karl Rove on Fox News in response to the Steele’s comments on the Afghanistan war:  “It was not a war of our choosing, it was a war of the Al Qaeda and Taliban’s choosing when Al Qaeda came to our shores on 9/11, launching attacks from bases inside Afghanistan and his e-mail last night shows that he understands that,” Rove said, who called Steele’s comments “knuckleheaded.“I guess his mouth got ahead of his brain for awhile but an e-mail to 162 members of the national committee is not going to still his critics.”

One can close his or her eyes, hit a random blog and find valid arguement for Steele’s dismissal.  But let me make mind short, and succinct:

Michael Steele lacks the experience, strength of character, conviction to cause and moral fiber to lead to Republican Party to victory in 2010 and beyond.  Mr. Stelle continues to display a surprising lack of Conservative values.  He has more times than not displayed the type of cold, crass indifference which surpasses symptoms of inexperience, instead denoting the air of arrogance and narcissism.  These are traits we cannot have in our leaders if Republicans hope to continue the propogation of Conservative values within our government.

Michael Steele is the wrong man for this job.  I call on him to do the proper thing, and hand the reins of the RNC to a more competent and deserving leader.


WTF? Army Bills Soldier For Gear Left After Nearly Losing His Leg

We have thieves, errrr, elected officials stealing from the country by millions and billions, but a wounded soldier get his disability pinged for gear lost in the battlefield.  Or an accounting error.  And yet, he refuses to take a dime from others.

Wish I could buy the man a beer.

Gary Pfleider doesn’t remember much of what happened after he got shot. The former Oregon National Guard soldier was in a truck on patrol in Iraq in 2007 when a bullet tore through his left leg.​

UPDATE: The Army says it’s not billing Pfleider for lost gear. But he still owes them money.

“I remember grabbing ahold of my leg and realizing I had blood on my hands,” Pfleider told KVAL-TV. “And from that point on, until I got loaded onto the Stryker, it was just a big blur.”

Pfleider flew back to the states and recuperated at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, where he was awarded the Purple Heart. One-third of the muscle in his leg is gone and he’ll have to wear a brace for the rest of his life.

And according to the government, he also has some debts to repay.

Last June, the Army sent Pfleider a bill for more than $3,000. Technically, the clothes and weapons his unit had to leave behind after he got shot were the responsibility of his commanding officers.

Pfleider claims he got sworn statements from his bosses that he was no longer liable. The government says he may have misfiled them, or they may be lost. It’s issuing a ruling on Friday to determine what Pfleider owes.

The feds are already docking Pfleider’s social security and put a freeze on his tax returns. Making it even more difficult for him to mentally prepare for an upcoming surgery on his leg, the ninth one he’s undergone since getting shot.

In the meantime, altruistic strangers are reaching out to Pfleider and offering to cover his expenses.

“I’m asking those people to wait,” he told KVAL. “I appreciate the offers, but that’s not the issue. I want a response back from the military. I want them to admit they are wrong. I want it known that vets are not going to stand for it and be treated the way we’re being treated.”

UPDATE: An Army spokesperson told KVAL that privacy laws prevent them from saying why Pfleider owes them money, but that it’s not for gear.

Pfleider, however, says he knows why. According to a conversation he had with military’s accounting wing, they accidentally overpaid him for his last three months in the Oregon National Guard. But Pfleider says he was not overpaid and he has the paperwork to prove it.


Mosab Hassan Granted Amnesty!

I believe this was the right – and upright – decision by DHS officials.  Any man who works to destroy radical Islam should be not only given amnesty but the thanks of a grateful country.

Mosab Hassan was more shocked than anyone when a Department of Homeland Security official announced in immigration court today that government officials had changed their mind about him.

Yesterday they saw him as a “threat to U.S. national security.” Today they say he’s welcome to stay in the United States and become a citizen.

Why the change of heart? DHS officials won’t say, but public pressure, Congressional support for Hassan and the word of an Israeli intelligence agent likely all played a part.

Mosab Hassan was born in the West Bank, the son of one of the leaders and founders of Hamas, the Palestinian militant group considered a terrorist organization by the US.

In his early 20s, Hassan became disillusioned with Hamas, and ultimately became a spy for Shin Bet, the Israeli intelligence agency.

His handler, Gonen Ben Itzhak, told Fox News that Hassan saved American, Jewish and Palestinian lives. We aired our exclusive interview with Ben Itzhak on Tuesday. By Wednesday morning Homeland Security had changed its position on Mosab.

What is strange is that one would think the information we reported could have been found and corroborated by Homeland Security with a few phone calls to their Israeli counterparts. Instead they pursued a long and expensive legal case against a man who appears to be a hero, who appears to be committed to fighting terror. And a man who now promises to help the US fight the threats against it. Common sense it seems has finally prevailed among the bureaucrats of Homeland Security.

Since this was obviously the morally correct position, I can only assume neither Obama nor “Big Sis” were involved in the decision.