A Perspective On Recent Events

Greetings from your roving reporter, Lipton T. Bagg!

This is a nicely done piece done by Tom at The Right Coast (ironically, from San Diego, CA.) putting recent events into a proper perspective.  Two nice sound (or word) bites:

And these are the people to whom we are handing over our own and our parents’ and childrens’ health care, and medical records, and our access to drugs and care.  What a f*ing nightmare.  The reaction of our masters to a little popular anger is a lot more chilling IMHO than a few rednecks gone wild, if even that has actually occurred, about which it seems there is considerable doubt.

And maybe even better still:

Well, the best advice as it often is John Paul’s:

Be not afraid”.

Speak, protest, talk, yell, argue and don’t be afraid.  Don’t be afraid of being tarred with the slurs the social democrats and the press will sling (racist!  fascist! under-insurer!), don’t be afraid of the FBI or the IRS, don’t be afraid professors telling you the Constitution does allow the federal government to make you buy the insurance policy it wants you to have — many of these professors don’t even like the Constitution!

Hmmm.  Sounds like good, and familiar, advice.  Thanks Tom!

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