Albemarle County G.O.P. Headquarters Vandalized

from Charlottesville Daily Progress.

from Daily Progress

2 responses to “Albemarle County G.O.P. Headquarters Vandalized

  1. Individual acts of vandalism or domestic terrorism if you will, don’t constitute a movement. They’re just acts of desperation from disgruntled citizens from both sides.

    Speaking of which…When was the last time conservatives banded together and protested the government like the liberals did in Viet Nam or at the various G-8 conferences, ect. Perhaps it was back in the late 1700’s? Does anyone know?

  2. I just remembered…Eric Rudolph was an ultra conservative…Y’all remember, the guy who stymied the feds for over 5 years hiding in WNC in the mountains. I don’t condone what he did by any means, but at least he stood by his convictions and did something about it.

    Rise up America…Let the revolution begin!

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