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Virginia A.G. Cuccinelli has pissed off NAMBLA. And its supporters.

From the Times Dispatch, sorta:  Virginia’s governor needs to change the law that he and the attorney general say keeps the state from banning discrimination against pedophiles, a pedopiles-rights group says.

The North American Man Boy Love Association yesterday called on Gov. Bob McDonnell to introduce legislation amending the state Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination based on pedophilia.

The request came after Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli issued an opinion telling state colleges and universities last week that they could not have policies banning discrimination against gays and lesbians.

The NAMBLA spokesman said: “Hey, pedophiles and dirty old men are perverts, too,  just the same as all the other fags out there! We need protection, too, ya know.”  At least one person questions whether Brian S. from “Too Conservative” will soon be right in there supporting NAMBLA, and threatening to go on a hunger strike (which wouldn’t be a bad thing in his case) if the Governor does not act. Continue reading


A little Rule 5 for a Sunday morning…  And a little how to if any of you ladies wanna try it! “How to vajazzle like Jennifer Love Hewitt.”[No piercing, please.  Why mess wiff perfection?]

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