Daily Archives: March 6, 2010

Switzerland: the laughingstock of the entire world

No, Citizen Tom, this isn’t another one of my jokes.  From Telegraph.com.UK:

“The country recently changed its constitution to ensure the protection of the “dignity” of plant life and passed a law last year guaranteeing rights for all creatures – from guinea pigs to goldfish.”

“If Swiss voters approve the referendum in March, every canton in the country will be obliged to appoint a lawyer to act on behalf of pets and barnyard animals in order to protect them from abuse.”

What friggin morons.  What’s next? A lawyer to protect the dignity of inanimate objects?  A lawyer to protect “Mother Earth”?   A lawyer for aliens from outer space?  I almost hesitate to write these ideas for fear that those fruits and nuts will adopt them as their own.

Recently, one do-gooder lawyer filed charges against an angler for catching a twenty pound pike.  From online.wsj:

Save me! Vote YES!

“But opponents [of the referendum] have seized on another fish tale—Mr. Goetschel’s defense of the big pike— to argue that a mandatory public defender could make for absurd results.”

“The case revolved around the idea that the pike suffered excessively because of how long it took for the angler to reel it in. Mr. Goetschel lost the case last month, but is considering an appeal. Any further court action would come too late for the pike, which has been eaten.”

Imagine just minding your own business enjoying a time of fishing when some mutt comes along and files charges against you.  What they left out of the story is that the angler was likely forced to shell out bucks to some other lawyer to defend himself from such a ludicrous charge.  Reason 1,987,472,109 why I hate lawyers (and liberals, and Euroweenies).