Daily Archives: March 31, 2010

Disturbing gun news

Off duty security guard who killed a crazy man who was attacking a psychiatrist with a knife was cleared of criminal wrong doing.  After a five month probe.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  Hmmmm.  It would take me two minutes to finish the probe.  What were those idiots up in Massachusetts thinking about? 

A “pot activist” who legally shot and nearly killed an intruder into his residence had his guns confiscated by the police, and now is forbidden from purchasing replacement weapons. WTF? Federal law supposedly says that if you use a controlled substance you are ineligible to purchase a gun.  He is a medical marijuana user.  Sooo, they can take away your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms without convicting you of illegal use now?  That’s why I keep mine loaded and handy.

Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer

Smash Mouth Politics has been designated as a Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer (PDT) by the IRS Office of Employee Protection.   The FBI is watching us. 

Actually, I had a pleasant experience with the IRS recently.  They sent me a letter claiming that I owed over $9,000 and said prove that I did not owe it or just start making payments.  I called up and explained myself to one young lady.  It took too long to get through, and she left me on hold a couple of times, but finally came back on and said it was all straight.  What a relief.  I see why people hate them, though.  They have all the power and can make our lives miserable. Nobody likes to be put in that position.

Harry Reid Supporters throw eggs at Tea Party bus

Then lie about it to police (short video).  “Know thine enemy”, Sun Tzu Wu.