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Michelle Obama and Karl Marx

h/t Cara Ellison.  See Karl Marx in the apple? But the real story is that the White House supposedly told Newsweeks to cut out the apple from the online version, and Newsweek complied.  This sounds hoax-ish to me.  Check it out.

Obama bumper sticker

H/t Theo Spark, via The Daley Gator

Hope in one hand and shit in the other...

Sean Hannity’s “Freedom Alliance” a scam? No, apparently Debbie Schlussel is just BATSHIT CRAZY!

Debbie Schlussel thinks so.  I don’t know anything about her except that she is a self-professed conservative and an attorney.  She claims to have looked into the finances of Hannity’s “Freedom Concerts” and found that most of the money was going for extravagant expenses, and very little was going to help wounded troops and the children of slain troops.  She’s a lawyer, and she would be suicidal to print this without the goods to back it up.  She’d be sued for defamation faster than Bubba Clinton’s pants drop for an intern.   Here is a taste:

….”Keep in mind that a charity is considered reputable if no more than 25% of its revenue goes to expenses and no less than 75% of it goes to the intended charity recipients.  Given that, Freedom Alliance’s balance sheets are embarrassing in their shamelessness.”

“According to its 2006 tax returns, Freedom Alliance reported revenue of $10, 822, 785, but only $397,900–or a beyond-measly 3.68%–of that was given to the children of fallen troops as scholarships or as aid to severely injured soldiers.”

“On the other hand, 62% of the money went to “expenses,” including $979,485 for “consultants” and an “advisor.” Yes, consultant/advisors got more than double what injured troops and the kids of fallen troops got. The tax forms show that “New World Aviation” got paid $60,601 for “air travel.” Was that for Hannity’s G5? Like I said, neither the charity nor Hannity is talking. And finally, that year, Freedom Alliance spent $1,730,816 on postage and shipping and $1,414,215 on printing, for a total of $3,145,031, nearly half the revenue the charity spent that year and about eight times what the injured troops and the children of fallen ones received….”

I’m a fan of Hannity. I hope Schlussel is all wrong.  If this is correct, he ought to be run out of the country.

UPDATE:  Freerepublic notes that “Freedom Alliance” is “a four star rated charity by Charity Navigator, an independent charity rating service.

UPDATE II: Debbie Schlussel may in fact be a dumb bitch who gets off lying about conservatives.  See this youtube video where she attacked Steven Crowder.  (Sorry, folks, I didn’t know anything about her before today…)

UPDATE III:  “Freedom Alliance” responds.  Sue the bitch if what she said is wrong.

UPDATE IV:  Frum Forum gets the last word, I think.  Note, Batshit Crazy girl even tried to defend herself in the comment section.  “Hannity got to you…”