What’s your excuse as to why you won’t admit that you regret voting for President Obama?

You know you regret it.  Let’s compare your attitude to that of an addict.  Before you can recover you must admit that you have a problem, and then seek help. 

Your problem is that  you regret voting for Obama, and you want to admit it and move on with your life, but you just can’t.  Your liberal friends will shun you.  Your black friends will call you an “Uncle Tom” or a raaaaacist.  And let’s face it, the prospect of having McCain and Palin as President was not something that we all looked (or look) forward to with great joy and confidence. 

Even your pride prevents you from admitting your mistake.  Let’s face it, the past election was acrimonious.  It was not friendly or nice–it was a mud-wrestling contest.  Your side “won.”  You were stoked.  You hated those of us who were saying that Obama was inexperienced, that he was lying and that he was really a closet socialist. You scoffed at us. You called us rubes. You even went out and bought some arugula as a show of support. 

 Besides, the Obama Girl is so hawt!  Voting for Obama was “cool;” it showed that you weren’t a racist and who wanted to support that old intemperate McCain anyway?

Now, the last thing that you want to do is to admit that you hate how Obama is screwing our country. How he is jamming bad legislation down our throats against the will of the people. How he claimed  he was against this and that other Bush foreign policy and he hasn’t changed any of it even one lick. How he said his would be the most “transparent” administration, and the most ethical administration evuh!  And you, stupid fool poor duped great American citizen that you are, believed him.  And now you don’t know how to get out of this crappy situation of publicly supporting a an inexperienced fool who flat-out lied to the American people.

Here, let me help.  Repeat this admission after me:  I was a fool…I believed Obama’s lies…I wanted to believe them because he is such a good teleprompter reader of lies…but I am not the only one…Obama had 90% approval at the time of his Inaugeration…Now his approval ratings have tanked, so almost half of the population was likewise hoodwinked by that lying bastard.  Since he lied, I therefore no longer believe a word he said.  I supported his lies, but since I found out that he was just lying, I no longer support him. 

Or, if that does not suffice, just tell everybody that you recovered from your temporary lobotomy.  Hope dis halps.

John Doe

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